Support Creators by Purchasing Armour Sets on Nexus

Evi1Bratt wrote:

F streamers and game devs that support or cater only to them.

Streamers are a plague on gaming. They do nothing good for gaming period.

This, a thousand times.

Stop balancing for pros. They are not a representative part of your demographic and should be winsorized in all statistics.
Where is quin69?..
RitualMurder wrote:
Damn seeing actual $ instead of points really drives home how stupidly expensive that shit is.

Exactly this ^^^^^^^

$84 LOL
nice !
Coffee & Cigarettes
Well since they removed my last post about my negative outlook on this situation, I'll post something more suited to sensitive eyes.

This is sad, the fact that the "creators" only get 10% of something like this isn't even the biggest deal, it's the fact they feel the need to have streamers advertise gear sets at a "marked up 100% (internally) marked down 50%" price.

This isn't Kickstarter, you were acquired by one of the most financially valuable companies. We get it, we understand the need for profit and it's not a bad thing. However, you can probably increase those profits by fixing the game.
No more support from mefor that massive nerfs :D
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Which armour set is that on the announcement?
So not only support GGG but also support Streamers, what is next?

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