Support Creators by Purchasing Armour Sets on Nexus

Does this mean they're cheaper? cause they're expensive as ****
Kripp lmao

Are you serious?!
Graas Hoppa wrote:
asking to support the streamers that say harvest nerfs are good?

yeaa.. NOPE!

i would've supported PathofMatth if he was on this list + if you guys stopped your destruction of harvest!

harvest has nothing to do with this lol
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$82 for one armour microtransaction pack. Come on. I know PoE is free to play, but that's ridiculous. I'll stick to the supporter packs.
Ruffleberg wrote:
At least GGG is starting to acknowledge that Streamers make them money.

I hope they continue with monetary rewards and not "exposure".

No it's a terrible idea. I want streamers to be honest about the game and once money get involved, honesty goes out the window.
mistsack wrote:
DixuMixu wrote:
Purchases made through this method still substantially support the development of Path of Exile.

All of this 'support' for the LEAST optimized game on the market. Fuck this

So true that it hurts.

$42 for one simple amour set? I am really not sure how this can be profitable at almost the price of a full price title. I have bought a few supporter packs and some coins here and there but I will never shell out this much money for a cosmetic. I would even go that far and say 95% of all players have never bought an amour set at this price point. I am sure ggg has done their homework and probably found the best price to profit margin, but at this price point they( or any micro transaction) will be out of reach for almost everyone (like most of the endgame content). Make them a few bucks and people would actually be tempted to buy them, I know I would.
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Please stop calling your store products micro-transactions because you know as well as I do that they are far from micro, you can almost buy a game for the price of some of these armor sets.
The pricing for these so-called micro transactions is absurd. Well, for me it is. I'll never shell out that kind of money for fluff. They already gank you on stash tabs and they know exactly what they're doing. On another note, stop catering to streamers and listen to your true fan base.
Amen, a full AAA game for an armor set.

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