We've recently partnered with Nexus, a platform which allows creators to curate stores with their favourite games and content. What this means is that you can now purchase your favourite Armour Sets while supporting both your favourite creator and the development of Path of Exile!

How Does It Work?

Follow your favourite streamer/creator's link to their Nexus store. They'll feature the Armour Sets they like the most and if one takes your interest, you can purchase it from the Nexus store which will send a portion of the proceeds to the streamer. Purchases made through this method still substantially support the development of Path of Exile.

When your purchase is complete, you'll receive a code for your microtransaction that can be redeemed on your Path of Exile account here and used as normal.

(Note: This only works for PC accounts)

Who is Nexus?

Nexus is an off-shoot of chrono.gg that provides discounted game deals which are typically distributed via creators with affiliate links. Nexus allows creators to curate their own personalised store filled with games they like and in our case, their favourite Armour Sets! We've worked with Chrono in the past and found that from both a consumer and set-up perspective, they were easy and friendly to work with. Due to this history, we feel really comfortable that our players and creators are in good hands with the Nexus team.

Which Creators Can I Support?

This programme is available to most creators who apply. If you're a creator, feel free to sign up here. At the moment, these are some of the content creators that have Path of Exile microtransactions in their Nexus store.

Why Armour Sets?

Path of Exile currently has over 1,000 microtransactions available through its regular store. We wanted to make sure the setup process was as smooth as possible for everyone involved by initially limiting the number of microtransactions available for purchase. We chose armour sets because they are one of the most popular categories, they provide better profit-per-purchase for creators and are an easy category to communicate. Over time, we'll look into adding other microtransaction types to this.

We'd love to see your feedback about what you'd like to see there!

Thanks so much for your support! We're really excited to have an additional way to support creators for all of their contributions to the community.
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