Is Trap in any way viable with ranged skills? I'm theorycrafting a build using Chin Sol with Rain of Arrows + Trap. It has good "increased damage" and a lot of "more damage" and would deal about 5.5k physical damage and 2k cold damage per trap (without Multiple Traps). In contrast to other builds, I have no idea if that's enough to run maps or not - how to calculate something like DPS for these traps?
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Is it intentional that Essence Drain won't work with the trap support?
For the time being, yes, it's intentional. The spreading-via-Contagion mechanic doesn't work properly when ED is Trapped/Mined currently. GGG's hoping to update this behaviour, but I don't think there's a timeline on it (read: could be short term, could be long term, set your expectations accordingly).

as per the Description on this Support gem, Trap, I should be able to use it with the Attack skill Ice Crash. Yet it doesn't seem to work.

Is there anything I am Missing, or not understanding correctly, Or is it actually a bug?


Disclamer: Tried searching the forums for an answer for that question, Couldn't find any. If i missed it please link it to me. thanks.

Edit: I do think I'm Misunderstanding the text "supported attack skills cannot be used with Melee Weapons". I assumed it meant that the supported skill will not be used as a Melee skill but instead used as a Trap.
Might it mean that a skill wich requires a Melee weapon to be used; will not be supported by this gem?.

If that is so can you change the wording to reflect that;

"Only Ranged Attack skills are supported"


"No Melee based attack skills are Supported"

(Might not work with that wording either because that would mean spectral Throw works)
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Ice Crash requires a Melee weapon. The Trap support adds a modifier that says, 'cannot use Melee weapons'. Ice Crash couldn't work with Trap linked.
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awww... :(
I'd Really love it if you added a Trap support gem for Melee Attacks. So that the target of the Trap is the one who steps on it, Like Bear Trap, Executing the melee attack skill on them. It's damage will still depend on the melee Weapon & it's Scaleing.

I have been playing around with traps this season and would like to leave some feedback and suggestions. The cooldown on Trap is 4 seconds. For solo play this is okish, but slightly pace killing at times. In party play the cooldown really becomes problematic as you can't keep up one bit at the rate at which content is cleared. To an extent that you feel like a third wheel. As a result I stopped party play completely. I would like to suggest to reduce the cooldown to 3 seconds.
If I link Detonate Dead (or another skill) with Trap and Less Duration, will it benefit from the additional damage multiplier or only result in reducing the traps duration?
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Trap needs to have its cooldown buffed.

4 Seconds is way too long, trapping skills is no where near on par with the current traps damage because of this.

Either the base cooldown needs to be brought down or we need to implement more ways to get trap cooldown outside of the gem which is also incredibly subpar as a gem.
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I'm really disappointed with Remote Mine and Trap to be honest. I'm a long time player, albeit on and off, and one of the things that really annoys me is how some interactions are seemingly incredibly inconsistent. I've been theorycrafting a build using Remote Mine and Bear Trap, and it turns out they don't work together. So...

Let's talk about some links and their interactions:

Remote Mine > Fireball = Casting fireball lays a mine, detonating the mine casts a fireball from the location of the mine which targets the nearest enemy in a certain decent range, else fires in a random direction.

That "certain range" I am completely unsure of, as I don't know how range is calculated or what the units are. I do know that using Remote Mine linked with Fireball is feasible, the maximum range for it to target an enemy is decent. It's not too far, but it's not short either. The skill is usable.

Remote Mine > Ice Spear = Exactly what you would expect, same story as Fireball. In fact Remote Mine works exactly as you would expect for a lot of skills. Storm Call, Ethereal Knives, Magma Orb, Ice Nova, Cold Snap... almost everything I can think of right now works as you would expect with just Remote Mine, oh except Essence Drain, that doesn't work for some reason.

Remote Mine > Bear Trap: Now this is a funny one, it DOES have a targeting range when you detonate the mine like Fireball and the other working skills, however it's very very small - about as wide as the character, so you wouldn't even notice it unless you were specifically testing for it. Also the damage of Bear Trap isn't increased by linking it to Remote Mine. This feels very inconsistent.

Remote Mine > Trap > Fireball = Casting fireball lays a mine, detonating the mine casts a trap from the location of the mine which targets the nearest enemy in a certain decent range, else targets the current coordinate of the Remote Mine. When the trap is activated fireball is cast, targeting the enemy that activated the trap, or the nearest enemy in a decent range.

This is consistent and expected, I have tested the following skills that seem to work in the same way: Ice Spear, Storm Call, Ethereal Knives, Magma Orb, Ice Nova, Spark, Summon Flame Golem.

The following skills do not work as expected when linked with Remote Mine > Trap:

Firestorm: Detonating the mine sets a trap on its current location without ever targeting a nearby enemy.

Cold Snap: Same as Firestorm.
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