Path of Exile 2: Everything Revealed So Far

More news intended to make you forget about... you know ;)
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I can’t buy any more big supporter packs because the forum only supports showing 7 legacy tags.
We are unlikely to start a Beta for Path of Exile 2 until 2022 at the earliest.

Wish it was sooner but oh well :)
If we could get at least the new skill system in the meantime, that would be awesome!
waiting a April's Fool
This is the start of forum signature: I am not a GGG employee. About the username: Did you know Kowloon Gundam is made in Neo Hong Kong?

quote from the first page: "Please post one thread per issue, and check the forum for similar posts first"

This is the end of forum signature
Praise rNgesus
The greatest tragedy in life is wasted talent.!
And remember exiles, good loot it's a illusion.
OK you got me !

That POE 2 Live stream from exile COM was awesome and I watched it all in Canada as it happened

Re-watching some of these videos has brought back the Hype

POE is the ONLY game that never gets deleted from my computer, even though I take breaks to play other games .....POE is always there for me and still today 100% free to play

Even though I have spent about 1K $ on it from hideouts to cosmetics :)

Love the game and looking forward to any new info on POE 2 during the up coming stream :)
Don't believe the hype--we're getting set up bois....APRIL 1ST KINDA SETUP
gg ggg
Yes! Yes! Yes!
In fleeting reality, you step into the realm of madness.
Curiosity is followed by ambition. Ambition, is followed by madness.
During our livestream announcement for our 3.14 expansion

next week

Stop playing with our feelings!

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