Path of Exile 2: Everything Revealed So Far

NoyAvargel wrote:
awesome so.. basically PoE 2 gonna be a new game that run along side PoE 1 and doesnt replace PoE 1 ..

however all of our support packs and MTX will carry over to PoE 2 aswell? right?

Its in Caps for everyone to see ;)
Soulscar1 wrote:
A few QOL points to improve the POE2 experience from the original

For the love of god NO forced LAB progression please 98% of the community hate the bloody thing. Organic progression rather than forced awful game mechanics would improve POE by leaps and bounds.

Not specified but Lab wont be how u get ur ascendancy in PoE2 they said it stays in the game but how we are ascending will be different.
So Good news on that :)
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Tsuko_blue wrote:

What I really want to see is if the POE2 skill system (gems) is implemented right now in POE1.

Very unlikely because of the amount of other stuff that it entails.
One example of what was said:
They REMOVE fusings they will be converted into jeweler orbs at a ratio they yet have to reveal because we wont be using our gear for skill sockets anymore instead the gem itself will have sockets for support gems.
I can really hope that this gem menu is some sort of 1st April fool.

Maybe.. MAYBE it is suitable for a some sort of smartphone or some bad console design, but for a PC ? Really guys ? Really ?
Funny how I don't feel hyped at all for this next league. You pretty much been crapping on your game community for the past couple weeks, you ignore every point your customers make (some are good, some are bad ofc), you are blindy pursuing what YOU believe is best for the game, meanwhile data says last league was the best one you had in years (talking about player retention, playtime etc), thanks to the effort you did implementing Harvest on core, which should be reworked of course, but along with the many other game breaking things which already listed over and over the topics around this dead forum.

I'm sure I'll check the new content, but for the first time in years I don't feel thrilled to try something new on PoE.
Hope they add a new air/wind element to the game with its own effects and interactions
I have stopped playing few days after you decide to post changes to harvest. If you going to release poe2 in 2022 I will have a nice long break from you. Still several awesome games sitting in my library to complete, now I will have time.
I hope crafting and lab revamp will happen well before POE 2 .... 2022/2023 is far
We really, REALLY need to slow the game down. Cap movement speed, make everything SLOWER.

We can't have players doing an entire map in one minute.

The pace must be slower.
Well the only bad thing i can see is by using the same game i will still have the same disconnects that i have for poe 1 since the beginning of the game and every season again. it can be season 9999999 and i will still loose characters in hc poe due to a disconnect that has nothing to do with my computer but with the game itself. we are in 2021 this does not need to happen anymore and is frustrating.

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