Remembering ExileCon

Pelagoth wrote:
Thanks, made my day.

Edit: Wait... I know you.

Hehe, that's right.
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Revert 3.7 melee changes | Tfw Synthesis still not core
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Portu wrote:
Seth_Man wrote:
"We can't wait to share more about the future of Path of Exile with you soon!"


GamblingGG was with me, I closed my eyes and got a life roll, +4 maximum life, hell yeah what a rush!

I once slammed +2 cold res... on a bow...
I once slammed Celebration on gloves.
Gotta taste the salt to appreciate the honey, hunny bunny <3
Shine Boldly, So That All May Find You When The Night Comes.
Chris is so nervous during these, he loses his voice, he fidgets, he cries a little :D

I'd love a PoE 2 beta announcement...
Great league GGG! I'm having so much fun with the new atlas expansion.

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