Development Manifesto: Harvest Crafting

or we can delete all the leagues except SSF ones. In that case we will be free of trading forever
"Do you guys not have phones?"

"We don't want to take away the feeling of closing your eyes and Exalting an item, scared to see whether you ruined it or not."

These should be added to a new div card called "The Out of Touch"
I'm just an average player, and because of harvest this is the first league that I have ever been able to do any end game material. Exalted Orbs are a rare currency for me, so the current Harvest mechanics have allowed me to craft gear that I wouldn't normally have access to. Even with the current grove mechanics, it has been a really lengthy grind to get Some of the things I want on my gear.

But the important thing is with enough patience and grinding, the current harvest affords an average player like me the ability to acquire some decent gear that I'd only otherwise dream of.

With my harvest crafted gear, it's the first time I've ever been able to clear Red tier maps or even challenge Sirus. If you implement these proposed changes, I guess I'll be back to only clearing yellow tier maps. My usual league total of 10 to 15 exalted orbs a league just won't afford me the ability to do any more end game content.
For me harvest is a best follow-up to standard crafts. You have league what is 3 months, and you can craft nice items in that time and play on league.
As i remember old craft bench's system, that was a horror to make uber crafts. For what starting craft item if you will not finish him in league? When i starting on league i want to enjoy that league, make content, try new character or just have fun with crafting some items and trying other mod combinations in item.

I next league, i have to start pickuping many shit bases to trying get some good mods to make some not too good crafts like only res, life or some dmg, nothing special. Many of bases what are dropping are just a crap 1 on 1000 bases have some good 2-3 tier mods and rest of mods are to remove. Most of items what are dropping like 10 000 are usueless and noone pickuping them, they are just a trash what slowing my computer. Now i have to start pickuping 1000 items to get that 1 item what will be good and i still will be not able to make from this item anything great and will lose more time for notplaying in game but looking on crap items xD

Except farming juiced maps what i love but i can't (can't play them becouse mane crap items what are rendering out of filter just making my lags and dropping from maps, it's not about computer, it's jsut about a problem in game) I am also a crafter, i just enojoy to making items for myself and other peoples. I was so excited when harvest was as a league. Was to OP that's right. On this league is better. I need sometimes few days to make some item, coz crafts are not always available like "speed" crafts, but still... i have to spent a lot of money for craft to make that good item.
Remember what was before harvest? To make some bow or 2h what have some few T1 flat incr dmg and soemthing more was a horror.. We had to spent tons of exalts and much more time than was a league soemtimes...

If you wanna change something on harvest, you should save that crafts, let them be but more rare. Also some option would be "drop a craft from a map boss" u can drop some common crafts like randomise or reforge. Crafts like remove or aug ca be also be available to acquired from them and crafts like rem/add would be from better boss like sirius/elder etc. Just make some system to have more rare them or just make harvest on maps are rarer, but don't do like you wanna do.

I always though game is for people and if you making the game you know you doing that for us right?
You will do what you want but if you care about players you should leave that harvest in a game as how it works now. I would be more happy if you repair that lags with sound or just remove rendering tons of crap bases (what everyone has hide in filter, they are still making lags..) than change any league mechanics.
I realized for myself that if I don't have the opportunity to bring my character to a good state in the next league, then nothing motivates me to play in the next league. I just run for fun for the first 3 weeks, and then forget about PoE on 3 month.
В темноту назад и в низ!
simple98 wrote:
Actually a terrible idea, the maven's orb raised mirror tier requirements by an absolutely massive margin, so if a player invests a very justified ammount of time chasing a 100 ish ex item with 2 awakened mods and few other t1's thats considered above average, not mirror tier, what would be a problem with that? "players losing interes' yeah... like the delirium manifesto, when it was announced no changes for aura stacking, then nerfing it a week later out of the blue.... this is on a whole other lvl, the 1% of players are still gonna do what they kept doing, their way of item crafting doesnt care about ammount of investment, and "tft" discord issue will still persist untill you make harvest tradeable, or removed since they will first craft 4-5 t1 item, then slam random influence they need and finnish it with influence crafting, just making a bigger mess it already is.
honestly either remove the harvest completely, or leave it just as is, it is not broken nor, unballanced, its FUN. but over the many years i've played i know that "fun" in poe lasts for half a league, till its gutted next one or, for 1 league max.




tft made things possible and where ggg just failed big time. but now anyother average player who would but his mind on crafting could do items what he desires instead of going to those top players to mirror them.

tft did better than ggg would ever think of . simplicity. now you think affinity. hah. its 2021 and its still bugged
fk archnemesis.
The "economy" wins, the playing loses. GG, GGG. SSF? Not even a word about it. I play SSF only. The game is bloated, full of bugs and runs like shit on my pc. Enjoy your real world economy simulator. I won't be putting a hundred hours per week in order to kill Uber Elder and other late game bosses once again ever again (I killed them on Betrayal and Legion). Sirius is utter annoying. You should delete it. I have been simply skipping it. Never enjoyed the game like I did on those two leagues. I can't seem to make physical cyclone marauder work anymore. I just want to play as a barbarian melee character and crash the content. Now, pretty much everything can one shot me out of the blue, even though I had over 6k hp, capped resistances and good armor. Being able to store only ten harvest craft options as a SSF have been an abysmal experience. This RNG philosophy of yours is broken. It feels like playing a cheap money grabber game in a cellphone. I feel you are forcing me to play full time and live for the game and the economy. I thought an Action RPG game was about getting stronger and stronger and destroying content. Your game is about rolling dices. Too bad for me I put more money on stash tabs this league after a long hiatus. Goodbye.
Rakushi wrote:
HowToGusta wrote:

Hmm, fair enough, I just don't think expressing dissatisfaction and wanting your money back is completely nuts. But, I think if you've supported up until now, you've supported what you've enjoyed, so leave it at that. The insane thing would be to keep funding something you don't like/enjoy.

Have to agree with I_NO here, it's not constructive, or in any form critism. It's assuming privilidges that nobody granted you. Telling GGG that you won't support them if this change goes trough, is so wrong too. Blackmailing to get your things? Really? What makes one believe that they'd listen to that... YOu can express that you don't support the decision, but so many in this manifesto have done it in a, shall I say, less than optimal way...

QQing doesn't get you anywhere, basically

Did you even read what I wrote?

Why would you pay for a product/service that you don't like? That is the consumer's choice/right and if they decide to vocalise it on their way out I don't see a problem with it. GGG has a responsbility as a business to address their customer's dissatisfaction when they accept money for a product/service in order to fund their operations, offset their costs and make a profit. You don't buy a table, receive it half broken and keep your mouth shut. How is it blackmail to say you don't want to support someone/something if they proceed down a certain path? Players are not forcing GGG to do anything realistically speaking. Such a strange perception of reality you have...
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For all of you that want to see the game change for the better: Don't spend too much time crafting a good argument. There's a good chance that GGG doesn't revert these changes at all, even with the response given. What's important is that we respond correctly. No need to argue with the shills that don't understand the game anymore. When the next league comes out, don't buy any MTX or stash tabs, etc. Play the game if you really still want to, but save your $$.

I'm not a prophet so I can't say for sure whether they will correct this mistake or not. From what I've seen so far, it's likely they won't. The only language these people speak is green, so lets do our best to ensure they get the message.
This whole manifesto strikes me as super out of touch.

Can we have a reminder of how data driven these decisions are? My guess is very few people (% of player base wise) actually end up creating these "ridiculous" items.

Seems odd to make the experience even worse for most people to nerf like 100 players maybe. Ok maybe 50 players. I'm just guessing, please provide actual data ... then maybe, just maybe, just a little bit more, more players will actually think you seem to know what you're doing. Right now it does not seem that way.

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