Development Manifesto: Harvest Crafting

Welp RIP all my interest in PoE. Harvest really made the game fun, not the top 1% buying all their crafts, but the ability to actually make items for builds I want to play. At this point, it just needs to be removed from the game. It's turning into another Einhar shitshow where it's nerfed into oblivion. GG GGG, good thing D2 remake is coming and D4 is on the horizon.
th33beat wrote:
Let me ask you, is it fun to constantly annul/exalt life 20 times, until you hit T1? Is that process really that enjoyable? If you find that enjoyable, then please don't play this game.

Yeah, instead from now on enjoy again the clusterfuck-rng-simulator throwing on with Ex/Chaos etc. and annul a random mods over and over again and shit ... great ... whats the point of your statement? Useless - but you might be one of the "1%" with enough time to invest into this returning shit "crafting".

I hope this shit manifesto burns holes through their pockets ...
harvest is not the problem, TFT is the problem, if everyone had to get there own crafts then harvest is not as strong, again GGG optimising for the 1% when majority of players never get the 1%ers items
Glad I didn't spend any money on MTXs this time around. #RIPPOE2021
Good riddance. It was incredibly tedious to be forced into farming nothing but Haewark Hamlet maps to finish crafting every item.

I still think more needs to be done to reduce the disruption of Harvest showing up in a map. I don't want to be repeatedly forced out of mapping and into micro-managing items.
this nerf feels like a case of trade efficiency killing the fun for those of us who enjoyed crafting our own gear : (

recommendation: give us a choice: nerfed harvest, OR un-nerfed harvest that makes crafted items soul-bound

(the latter option could be obtainable e.g. using atlas passives)

I know a lot of people hate the idea of soul bound items, but here they are completely optional, giving us a chance to craft our own gear, only if we want to do so
ok bye
This post made me feel like 90% of the servers have mirror tier gear.

Not even close to reality.

We just want gear PROGRESSION. It's kind of a reality now, about to be destroyed again.

Using your most rare currency on a gamble isn't always fun, or even a possibility for most.

Jumps in power are good, slow and steady progress is even better.

There is also the ENORMOUS discord service "problem". I think TFT is doing a good job, but shouldn't be necessary.

Just make harvest crafts an item and that costs 1ex to do. This way people will have to do it when it's really worthy.

Disagree with most of the changes.
It's really sad to see that this manifesto has as many contradictions in it as it does. You cannot say that Path of Exile is a game that is about the acquisition of powerful items, and then present this to your community. You are making it harder for the majority of players to get a build that is capable of doing everything in the game, or even most of everything, at a reasonable pace.

Instead, you are wanting those that enjoy crafting in its current state to revert back to gambling exalt slams? This is not a step in the right direction at all. This should be an open discussion with the community as a whole, not something that you just gut as hard as you have with this manifesto.
felrasha wrote:
can we all please stop calling it 'crafting'? It's gambling, pure and simple. No crafting involved after this change.

Gambling is the whole fucking reason for this stupid fucking nerf. I'm still in awe at how detached the devs are from the community. Seriously, who gambles raw currency these days when we have essences and fossils?

Chris, you gonna nerf those next? That shit's OP too. Beastcrafting too, while we're at it. It's not gambling if you can just roll back your fucking botched "crafts".
PoE players: Our game has a wide diversity of builds.

Also PoE players: The [league mechanic] doesn't need to be nerfed, you just need to play a [current meta] build!

Imagine gutting Harvest to unironically yolo exalts.

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