Development Manifesto: Harvest Crafting

This is what you get for not sticking to your guns originally. If you didn't want deterministic crafting, perhaps you shouldn't have added it. Still, you were only adding it for a league. You said in the reveal interviews to play the league because it wasn't going core. Well now you made it core so it's going to be a bumpy ride to take that dopamine away.

You really have to be decisive. This might not be enough.
This special way of thinking not the best to keep your game on top All I see just step back. and the first decision was in synthesis league when u make some of the best ideas of the league is dead and you do the same to Harvest now.
I hope you rethink what you doing guys
thank you
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This change sucks ass. Reconsider.
Sw0rdSaint wrote:
Literally don't even want to play this game anymore after this stupid post. Nice going GGG

I haven't really played at all since harvest league.
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If you put on your full plate mail, and I throw hundreds of toothpicks at you, you'll basically not feel it.

If someone catapults a whole tree at you, don't expect the Armour to prevent as much of the damage.
Obviously, GGG has been out of touch with their game for too long. Have you tried crafting one of the 'endgame' items before? It still takes a shit load of grinding and playing to achieve that. I'm almost certain you guys just tried the simulator at craftofexile and go yea this is 'too easy'.

I had already planned a few crafting projects that I wanted to do for the next few leagues but I guess it's time to go casual on this game and look for alternatives *cough* Last Epoch *cough*

BTW closing your eyes and slamming an exalt is not fun, but being able to plan and approach a craft for your build is F*ing FUN.And don't get me started on the trade issues that this game has. There's a reason why everyone is using a discord server to trade and you know why. At this point of time, an auction-house like marketplace is not gonna hurt the game. It is gonna relieve the pain players have been enduring, which I don't know how much longer I can tolerate.

Please wake up before its too late...
This wouldn't be such a bad change if the game actually dropped good items instead of just having to hide 99.99% of the drops via loot filter. And the .01% that are picked up, only 1 in ten thousand are worth trying to do anything with.

I never have tried to exalt slam, because that is just literally throwing away an exalt. Better to save it and spend it, so that feeling you are talking about? Most people aren;t dumb enough to do that.

You should have made harvest crafts untradeable, though I don't know how. Either that, or remove it entirely.

This game is unbelievably grindy. I find it a chore to grind out maps till Awakener 8 each time a new patch drops, most of the time if the league sucks I don't. Harvest gives a reason to stick around, but not anymore.

Also, crafting is the very definition of deterministic. If your definition of crafting is completely random, that is pants on head stupid.

*edit* All the powerful items are crafted. If you want them found, STOP NERFING THE DAMN UNIQUES SO THEY ARE WORTHLESS. Rip Starforge.
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Kusoge Wilson
Again ggg balance the game for the 1%. I wonder do ggg and Chris care about casual players they don't have a PhD in craft and don't stream and play 24/7? It's 2021 guys, games ate here for fun and entertainment, just saying...
Too late now. Should have been done a week into the league.
Chris you make me so happy I want to kiss you.

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