[3.14] Hollow Palm/Infernal Blow - Will not be continued / I stop playing this game

FIrst of: this Build is greatly inspired by Dangs Infernal Blow Raider. One of the best Builds I ever played so far.

Fast Map Clearing
Solid Bossing
Good Defence (Evasion/Dodge)
Great Levelling
Delve easy to Depth 300+
Legion is pure fun
Metamorph no problem
Blight encounter and Maps are good to go
Ultimatum a joke

Cant Do Ele Reflect
Need some Fights to have Frenzy Charges up
You have to react fast (Con?)
For best Game experience you need some Uniques
Some of the Maven Invitations are tough, esp the 10 Fights with the harder Bosses


Final POB with Lvl Tree and Notes:

Gameplay - Vid:
Not the best Quality and without Sound. But you get an Idea

my Gear:

Astramentis and Wildwrap are BIS. Gives Live and DMG via Dexterity
Fractual Thought and Garukhans are also good in that place but if you cant afford them, could be replaced with some good rares.
Rings should be with high Life, Res and maybe one Curse on Hit. Ele Weakness or Flammability are both good. Belt is a synthesized Max Dex but could be a Stygian or other well rolled rare.
You need a Aspect of the cat on any of the Rares!(Can play without if you use Cyclopian!) And you must Annoit Tribal Fury on the Amulet

Large Cluster
with Fuel the Fight and Martial Prowess. If you are Lucky you can also use Devastator later on.
Medium: Effect of Curses with Evil Eye and Wish for Death <- I switched that to Evil Eye and Whispers of Death because I got blind from Saboteur
Small: Not needed but you can use later on any with add Life

Uniques One with Nothing is a must of course. Other than that I highly recommand using Brutal Restraint (with add Dex and Blind on hit if possible) at least one Inspired learning (if you can afford use 2), and Pure Talent.
I also use Replica Pure Talent and a watchers Eye with Cold penetration while Hatred. But those are not needed at all.

Good thing: 2 Button build and not many Gems needed.
Bad thing: no Portal Gem!!!!




Ascendency, Bandits, Pantheon:

Bandit: Kill all (at least they are the villains, wait - are they? Yes they are the villains)
Pantheon: Solaris and Shakari but Arakali could be ok too
Ascendency: You go first Raider, then either Inquisitor or Saboteur. Both are good to go. Take the Starting Point there and just take the first note for Pure Talent.


Without Flasks up and any Configurations set POB gives me 1.7 Million DPS.
Mouse over in HO is 770k DPS
Res are all Capped, Chaos just -48 but mostly no Problem
Evasion: 10k which gives 45% Chance to Evade but these get fixed in Combat to 60% with Frenzy Charges up and over 80% when enemys are blinded
50/30% Dodge Chance


Its a solid Build only a bit behind the pure Raider Build (mostly because of Frenzy Charges are not up when you start mapping).
I enjoy this build a lot and will level it further. So if you have any questions: just ask.
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I started with Viper Strike and was quite unlucky with Items so far. But the Server Issues were far more a problem for lvlg. :/

So here is the Skill Tree and stuff so far (BTW the POB only works with the Community Fork which you should ALWAYS use!)

Arrived in Act 2
grabed Infernal Blow and everything becomes very easy. Bought Tempestious Steel for Lvlg purposes.
In the Skill Tree I grab now more Life and some Jewel Slots

Act 3

Act 5
Things are going rough now. Single DPS is bad and Resistances must be fixed

Act 7
I could finally manage to buy 2 important Items for this Build: OwN and Astra

Mapping now. Going GOOD!

Just at the Door for Red Maps. Ultimatum is ok. Now only some Jewels and the Ring is missing.
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I am a bit surprised that noone shows interest.

I played now some more with this build and its extremely fast and strong. If you like you can lvl this up to 100 in no time. Just do Canyon Map with Niko and then Delve. Repeat till you lvl.

Overall I think this version is even a bit more tanky than the Ranger Version.
Do you have any gameplay videos?
Not yet. Maybe I will make one in the new League.

Since then you can get an impression here

Its the Raider Version but nearly same Playstyle
I am kinda new, what do you suggest I should start with gear wise? what stats should I prioritize?
tuvp1997 wrote:
I am kinda new, what do you suggest I should start with gear wise? what stats should I prioritize?

That depends: if ur in Standard you can grab the usual Lvlg Uniques such as Goldrim, Wanderlust and Tabula Rasa.
Stats: just follow the Skilltree of the POB and Grab any Stats you feel you lack to unspec them later. Scion is pretty fortunate in Starting Point able to get some good Stats right in the beginning.
I think its good but I don't know how to leveling. I think the interest would be greater if you gave a leveling tree. But I try play this :D
PoB link doesn't work for me :( also, if you have leveling tips i will appreciate it :D
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I think this build need something to deal with bosses in acts. Because without One With Nothing its very hard to kill bosses. Clear mobs its nice but i get very tired when I need kill boss on acts. Idk maybe i try rush to blood aqueduct and try farm tabula and buy this jewel but its to expensive. ;(

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