[3.14] Soulrend/ED Aurastacking Spellslinger | 1-Button-Play | 10mil Dps | T19 100% | All End Game

irgendwie09 wrote:
Prosyri wrote:
I dont understand how this reservation is possible.

Keep in mind that the calculations for aura reservation are somewhat complicated and the values keep changing as you level and acquire new gear. Please actively use Path of Building and try out different setups for your auras at any given moment.

In all your 3.13 pastebins, both life and mana reservation is in the red. What am i missing?

Path of Building hasn't been updated correctly yet. Blood Magic on Prism Guardian is not being recognized. And the "reduced Mana reserved" mod has been renamed to "reduced Reservation of Skills" and because of that PoB is bugging.
After checking, my character on Standard, I am still able to reserve everything.

I will update the PoBs once the issue has been resolved.

Roger thx, that makes sense then. It was driving me crazy :D

Thanks for the guide, the build is looking really nice. I am tempted to try it out, but I was wondering - given 3.14 nerfs, do you think the build will feel good with an investment of around 200-300ex (Standard)? My last memory of aurastackers is from before two patches, so I remember them in their most broken form :)
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MORE EXPENSIVE? lol FUCK! Last league (I can't lie, you can see it there in my characters), I put it together, I loved it but I invested over 500ex.

After finishing with my Started (Blazing Salvo) let's see if we can put it back together <3 Interenste the nerfs, but anyway, it's brutal.
Edit: realized the problem.
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edited just read incorrectly.
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Would someone mind taking a look at my set up and tell me what I am missing defensively? I feel extremely squishy. Right now the regen belt is my next upgrade I am going for but is there something else? I know the 2 21 res gems are also high on the list.
I may not be able to get the perfect cluster jewels for this build, I was wondering what your thoughts were on some of the other notables for the aura jewels, namely:

Stalwart Commander: 20% increased effect of Discipline and Grace

Pure Might/Guile/Aptitude:
30% reduced reservation of a Purity and +20 to the respective stat. Aptitude also comes with 1% ES regen which seems nice.

Do any of these notables come close to the utility of First Among Equals or Replenishing presence?

The clusters are unfortunately pretty necessary with the right notables.

Hey! Please help me, what should I wear to increase the damage (not very expensive), otherwise the damage is very small :( and how to increase the regeneration of the energy shield?
Loving the build so far. The one button playstyle feels great. Delirious maps, simulacrum, uber elder, the feared - all done and really comfortable. I have a question though - how do you go about Sirius die beam? This one one shots me every time. I am sitting at 7.4k ES, 85/76 res, got corrupted blood immunity.

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