[3.14] Soulrend/ED Aurastacking Spellslinger | 1-Button-Play | 10mil Dps | T19 100% | All End Game

Since Arrogance has the Aura tag, would it be worth it to try and get a piece of gear with a +2 to Aura gems corruption? PoB aura reservation math is still broken so I'm not sure how much we get out of lowering the multiplier down to 198% (at level 23). We would also get additional increased effectiveness out of it.
Hi guys, started the build last night & I have acquired most of the gear.
I'm curious how to go about crafting a good wand, as +2 wands are in short supply and ungodly expensive.

Would also appreciate if someone could take a peek at my gear, and
tell me what would boost my damage the best:

the things that stick out RN are the dot multi gloves & the wand

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Hey guys, recently swapped to this build yesterday (spent a good 60 ex? maybe) im looking to upgrade (couldnt find a wand really that had +1 and +1) my dps on POB is 1.5 mill which seems rather low also not squishy at all unless i get melee'd by a charging mob then its 1 hit KO at 6k ES.

Thank you for your time.
As a long-time (about 5 years) Essence Drain player I can tell you that this build is by far the best and most accessible version of ED in the current PoE. It's perfect for Ultimatum Encounters and mapping overall. It's not the best boss killer around, but still, it's not as bad as the author thinks it is. Even the starter version of this build has an acceptable level of single target DPS, especially compared to spell dots in general. So it's nothing to worry about, you won't be outclassed by virgin self-cast ED and Contagion build in that matter.

The good starting point is about 50-80 ex. This allows you to do everything in this game quite comfortably, with some exceptions like T19 100% Delirium, etc. Clear is fast and feels amazing, Profane Bloom may interrupt some ED transfers from Contagion, but that does not matter much because of the number of spells you constantly fire. Porcupines may be a real danger tho.

The biggest downside of this build (and aura effect stackers in general) is the build ceiling related to cost. You can buy an acceptable piece of gear for, let's say, a few exalts at max and suddenly you realize that the next meaningful upgrade in that slot costs at least ten times more - and it's only getting bigger. This is depriving and may startle some players used to buy small upgrades all the time. The final version of this build shines bright like a diamond, but only a few can endure the constant flow of exalts leaving their stash on a regular cycle.

To summarize, this build is great and the best possible version of ED playable in the league environment as for patch 3.14. So far I've only seen one build which may overtake this one, but it's some 10 mirrors action from the Chinese Server, so pretty unavailable thing for most of us.
Yet again i've fallen for the same trap of going with a simple and cool looking build without accounting for the ridiculous amount of currency it takes to remedy its survivability and boss killing issue.

Im saddened to say it, this build made running acts and early maps a breeze, high level red maps though... i ve also been really unlucky with drops so far and i have run out of patience :/

Just gonna get help with sirus and call it a day until poe 2 launches and hoping to see a similar but better and cheaper build setup! ( if ggg doesnt fuck up build diversity again)

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Hi. A couple of questions about the build.

I see you have max withered stacks in your PoB, but don't really see a source for them other than the slow stacking occultist ascendancy, is that the only source or am I missing anything?

What are your thoughts on dropping profane bloom for Malediction? I know Profane Bloom is insane for clear, but can't really judge if the ED/C will clear enough on its own, without it. Malediction is pretty big against bosses.

Might delirium crafted gloves be better than the Hands of the High Templar? 30% more DoT damage + mastercrafted +2 to essence drain, and then whatever you can get from double corrupting, preferably another +4 to gem level? Might be easier to get curse on ring instead of on glove corrupt in that case though. Or are Hands of the High Templar just much easier/cheaper than going this route?

And a final question: Which auras would you drop first, while you don't have enough reservation yet?

Looks like a great build, and I'm planning on running a version of it for 3.15, if nothing gets nerfed too hard.
Well this will be dead i guess feelsbad
maybe they will change spell slinger as i cant imagine anyone using it next patch

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