Ritual Statistics Part Two

I'm recently start skip all rituals. Too slow, too boring, non-rewarding. I just don't see reason to do them. Only on high tier maps and rare variations.
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Ritual vessels should be able to be used on a map the same way a delirium orb is used rather than put in the map device. Having to choose between scarabs and ritual vessels hurts because it takes away from the juice of the map, thus deterring players from wanting to use deli orbs or other map juicing currency
Should make ritual vessels increase rewards/ have higher tier rituals.
Furthermore, 926,764 Blood-filled Vessels were used in the Map Device, or once for every 224 areas run. This is fairly infrequent and may be something that we would want to revisit in the future should Ritual make its way into the core game.

This is because the splinter stack size was reduced.

Going from a Vessel every 2-3 maps to 6-7 maps was a terrible decision.

That's a 19.5 map average to juice 1 map with three vessels.

Something you may want to factor into your equations. I normally won't pick up the splinters if they are less than 10 but if there is a stack of 30+ I'll either defer them or grab them when they are offered.
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please just add horticrafting station for sell in a npc is ridiculous depend on discord to sell harvest crafts and worst u can get scammed, if u make the harvest craft easier to sell will reduce the cost and people maybe stop do only haewark hamlet ignoring 99% of the game, right now for example i have 150+ jun/alva/niko and einhar missions cause i only do zanas

for me ritual rewards are just fine a bonuses in the end of the map who said is ignoring is losing some currency

the vessels i stopped use after do the challenge cause i cant see the point can only reroll 1 time and 99% of time u get low cost stuff

and we dont have any trade filter for blood vessels so well who the hell will search vessels to use if cant filter a boss or 80+mobs i have no idea the increase in the tributes and we cant know when the deferred itens wil appear

for me ritual is a good league 9.5/10 just hate the fact u cant trade the harvest craft as before
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Nice work GGG , but where patch ? Where my FPS ?
Don't know about you - but I also got a Mirror from Ritual. =p And all-and-all - my favorite content drop EVER.
Though the fact, that you keep killing the performance across the board, bothers me in a ways, that cannot be described in ANY language... Like, honestly - HOW do you do this? Just HOW the 7+ year old game runs WORSE on my PC, then ANY 2020-2021 game? Fuck sake man....
Great, fix performance please.

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