We're back for part two of Ritual Statistics! Today, we're going to look at Ritual Vessels, Blood-filled Vessels, Tribute Gains and more.

First, let's take a look at the total Tribute gained from Ritual encounters, remembering from part one that 624,332,098 Rituals were started (and thus Tribute could be earned). In total, 1,313,156,248,242 Tribute has been earned by players running Rituals. This comes out to just over 2,100 Tribute per Ritual, giving an average area a total of 6,300 Tribute when completing 3 Rituals.

With all of that Tribute, Ritual Splinters have been purchased 26,184,083 times. This is the total number of purchases made, rather than the total count of Ritual Splinters purchased. An average area has ~3 Rituals, giving us 208,110,699 areas run. With this, we can see that players purchased Ritual Splinters every ~8 areas. Of the Ritual Vessels created from these splinters, 1,658,608 were used on Ritual Altars. That means that, on average, a Ritual Vessel was used on a Ritual Altar once for every 125 areas run. Furthermore, 926,764 Blood-filled Vessels were used in the Map Device, or once for every 224 areas run. This is fairly infrequent and may be something that we would want to revisit in the future should Ritual make its way into the core game.

Finally, we'll wrap up with a few miscellaneous Ritual statistics.

  • In total, 3,051,171,137 Ritual Splinters were offered as rewards (an average of 14.66 every area).
  • In total, Ritual Splinters were offered as rewards 198,587,563 times (an average of 1 every 1.05 areas).
  • In total, 29,547,874 Ritual Base Types were offered as rewards (an average of 1 every 7.04 areas).
  • In total, 1,636,846 Ritual Unique Items were offered as rewards (an average of 1 every 127.14 areas).

We hope you've enjoyed taking a closer look at these Ritual statistics with us. We've got another stats news post coming next week where we'll be taking a close look at which Atlas Passives players are taking in each Atlas Region (including The Uncharted Realms), so stay tuned!
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Patch when?
Very interesting notes, but make game better, at least for me ;)
Ritual for me only comes garbage.
If the reason why no one is using ritual containers (or whatever they're called) in the map device is because it doesn't add anything to the ritual, then that needs to be explored. I base that solely on what I'm reading on Reddit which is as good as any blind, unsupported hearsay.
nice, fix your game
This comes out to just over 2,100 Tribute per Ritual, giving an average area a total of 6,300 Tribute when completing 3 Rituals.

This is absolute BS number. It either calculates average value for 3 rituals but ignores fact that lot of maps will have 4 ritual sites or I must be very very very unlucky person in terms of getting tribute.

My highest tribute, purely from ritual sites, was 10600. However, my most common value is between 3k and 4k tribute. I get anywhere between 4.5k to 6k for a 4-part rituals.

Most importantly, tribute gains are increasing as you complete ritual sites in an area. First ritual can be as low as 250 for a bad layout or lack of mobs, which kills your chance to get any decent tribute (over 4k). I consider 1k tribute on first ritual solid numbers but it is nowhere near 2.1k tribute.
dzięki za info

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