Today, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at some Ritual statistics to see how everyone is faring and what kinds of rewards players are taking away from Rituals!

  • Rituals Started: 624,332,098
  • Rituals Completed: 600,943,858
  • Rituals Failed: 23,371,627

As you can see, players have been extremely busy with Rituals. This comes out to 20,139,745 Rituals run per day since Ritual began (at the time of writing), or just over 23 Rituals every second!

Completion rate of Rituals is actually quite high, at just over 96%.

So, lots of Rituals have been completed, but let's take a look at what players are running Rituals for in the first place: rewards!

ItemNumber of Favours Bought
Fishing Rod69
Mirror of Kalandra346
Exalted Orb714,797
Delirium Orb 2,659,650
Orb of Fusing16,542,675
Chaos Orb 32,283,049

As noted above, these are the times that a given Favour was bought from a Ritual, but doesn't factor in stack sizes (where applicable). It's worth keeping in mind that the numbers above reflect how often a reward was taken, rather than how often it was offered. So while Scarabs appear to be almost as common as Orbs of Fusing, since players have full control over what they purchase, the items that players value will see higher than usual representation.

If you're wondering how many maps you'd need to run on average before you'll be offered a Mirror of Kalandra, wonder no more. Just over 500,000! So what are you still reading for?

That wraps up part one of our Ritual Statistics. Are there any other specific items you'd like to know the frequency of? Let us know and we'll do our best to include some of them in part two, coming next week!
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Fishing rod... Of course... Lol

On a side note, I'm still waiting for the day when fishing would actually be a thing in the game instead of just a meme or running gag. Torchlight pulled off fishing pretty well. Feels like the devs are too scared to do anything even slightly that's not related to only killing things in the game.

Fishing could be a cool side activity to partake in to where you use the fish you catch as temporary buff consumables similar to flasks. It's an idea to explore at least, I'm sure others would appreciate at least some form of it in the game as well considering Zizaran and many other streamers and Reddit have asked for it for years now.

Fishing in the ARPG game FATE:

🔷🔶🔰🌀✨Khajit has wares... If you have coin...✨🌀🔰🔶🔷
🔷🔶🔰🌀✨Best Leagues Ever Made: Synthesis(3.6 version)>Harvest(3.11 version)>Delve✨🌀🔰🔶🔷
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seems like a really high number of mirrors...especially in a single month and ONLY from rituals
FFS add somekind of statistics for everything that can be tracked via players.
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
Ritual rewards are a joke, mapping at a faster speed delivers more loot
I got a fever and the only prescription, is more cowbell!
Now that`s what causing so much lag - statistics! lol
69 Fishing Rods xD
69 fishing rods that's nice , but wait i remember rolling over a 6link prophecy early and that hurts
Ahh, it's over... My sun... it's setting... It's dark, so dark...

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