[3.21] Volatile Dead | CwC | Inquisitor | No Mana Balancing just pure CwC

https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3286425 i wish this build was still kind alive, i just dont want to spend time to see if its gonna be actually working or not ;c
Although its not a templar, i still want to share where i am right now
I started a new league, holding in mind this guide and a general idea of desecrate inside VD links. Didn't know at the moment, that cwc is not affected by cooldown recovery.
My build is kind of strange...but its the best gameplay i had so far. Cruising around with two mouse buttons pressed.
Progress is mostly in the divines spent. I remember a week ago i got awakened spell cascade, was so happy.
Total DPS now is 4 mil in vortex and 15 mil with 20 VD balls. Idk how to count balls, so i just go with 20. Yeah.
If someone could go check the build, i'd be happy to read your comments on improvements.

ps. If you search for my char "OrangeSab" in poe.ninja, VD is not shown. Why the puck poe.ninja thinks my dps is only in vortex?

that build is great to clear yellow maps but dies if anything in red maps so much as sneezes in your general direction. Sure it lists a pretty looking dps in POB but it has ZERO defenses built in but does waste 4 points to get some spell suppression (whereas 40% spell suppression is as good as 0%)

Also it shows Vortex as the skill because it feels like the vortex CASTS (not the degens) are doing the brunt of the damage
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Well it felt comfortable at 60% delirium and beasts/blight/harb/expedition scarabs at t16 tropical island ))) I did die, but not from rares. Bossing felt sad and blight-ravaged bosses too. Thanks for the check anyway.

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