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Hate to break it to you man, but he's on the right track. The build (assuming the alt quality thing works on the same frame) can get at most 100 casts + chains per click before all the minions die. Blessed rebirth doesn't prevent self damage so they aren't invincible and get deleted before all 320 casts + chains can go off.

I know this because I've literally created the poison variant of this build, and you can go to PVP and count the number of poison stacks on a friend running CI. That's why when bossing you do much more damage with the jewel From Dust. You can also use the "Minions recover 100% of health when focused" veiled mod with good timing to get more chains out of your skeletons.

No matter what you do you'll always blow more casts then you have skeleton hp to spend. Any remaining skeletons is just due to the poor chaining range, the unreliability of galvanic arrow, and poor cursor positioning. Unless of course you do some shenanigans with a level 4 enhance with alt quality dark pact. Maybe then it would work. Still a great build if you properly manage it's strengths and weaknesses. Just a bit overstated on how strong it actually is.

I know this because I've literally created the poison variant of this build, and you can go to PVP and count the number of poison stacks on a friend running CI.

Me too. 1 DP, +2 chains, 3 skellies, 30 worms and Gold Rule and 85% to poison.

After castig to lone rare enemy I got 80+ stacks of poison (because not 100% chance).

So, skellies do not die and all casts work fine.

NOTE: I use caustic arrow.
Nirdana wrote:
FunRoom wrote:

Each Dark Pact consumes 6% of skeleton life. This means 16 Dark Pact will kill the skeleton. We have 80 Dark Pact to cast.
Divergent Dark Pact recovers 2% skeleton life on hit. This means skeletons will no longer die due to 1 Dark Pact hit recovering 8% life effectively, sustaining the 80 Dark Pact cast.

This premise is wrong IMO.

You suppose that one dark pact only consumes 6% of a skeleton's life, but you forget about the chaining part. If you have 80 dark pact cast (multiplied by 4 for 3 chains) that is 320 hits.

Supposing all the initial casts happen at the same time you would need at least 4,8 fully healed skeletons and ideal luck for chains so all stay alive. Then the dark pact alternate quality would kick in and heal them to full.

Without a target to hit, it's 19,2 skeletons if counting all the chains (320)

What might be happening is that sacrifice of skellies life and heal from DP is in the same tick and the casts are completed becasue they are still alive

Or one skeleton is fully consumed but all other casts still use this one already dead skeleton.

The first option could be easily tested in ho, where you wouldnt hit anything with the DP, therefore the alternate quality shouldnt do the heals. And all skeletons shoud die not producing any chains. (which from the videos doesnt look like that)

Please correct me if i made some mistakes in my assumptions.

I did not want to go deep on this calculation as all you just need to know is that the divergent mod works and it deals tons of damage.

So to put it simple, a dark pact drains 6% life from one skeleton, and if it hits, recovers 2% for all skeletons. We have 4 so effectively it heals for 8%. The draining and the healing happens simultaneously, much similar to the old vaal pact - cwdt interaction where you cannot kill yourself with your skill when you can instant leech back with hits.

However you cannot decide which dark pact goes on which skeleton. This is pretty much RNG stuff. It is possible that all dark pacts tries to cast on a single skeleton, and it will kill the skeleton due to it not healing enough life back. This however should not be an issue in most case as we assume all 80 dark pacts are spread across all 4 skeletons, meaning 20 on each. So ideal case is each skeleton will drain 20x6 = 120% life while healing 80x2 = 160% back from it. The worst ideal case is having 43 dark pacts cast on the same skeleton, draining 258% life and healing 160%, leaving 2% life on the poor skeleton.

And then the chaining part happens. This is where the math got even more tricky, as each dark pact will not repeat on the same skeleton it had cast, the dark pacts will now have to choose 1 from the 3 other skeletons to cast. So if the initial dark pact cast was not spread evenly on the skellies, it is very likely that one or two will die during the process base on their remaining hp after the first cast. Someone can do the calculation, I am not going to do that.

And now as for comparison on the healing effect. It is really easy to tell when you try to cast in hideout and see the dark pact does not get as dark as you find in maps/boss fights. Fewer dark pacts are actually cast due to some of them attempting to cast on a dead skeleton. And the chaining does not go fully to the end, usually it repeats 1-2 times and all skellies are dead. In the Sirus fights you will find skeletons survived as long as Sirus is not dead. Then they die due to excess dark pacts failing to hit something and heal.

Hope this explains the divergent dark pact stuff better.
I make builds that guarantee to be killed in 3 months.
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Thx, that's what i was looking for.
Null's Inclination have trigger cooldown?
homeradish wrote:
Null's Inclination have trigger cooldown?

No, but the helmet does have 0.3 sec cooldown and flask charges are also a factor to howany worms you can generate
I make builds that guarantee to be killed in 3 months.
Great guide! I was wondering why all the Wormblaster items were so expensive this league before I quit. I made something similar back in Harvest, but went with Necromancer and chose the CI route for survivability. It's interesting to see so many differences there are between our characters.

Mistress of Sacrifice was hit again, so it'd probably be ~50/40 block/spellblock now, but you still get some Phys Dmg reduction and a ton of Minion Life. I've found scaling the base DP damage with Necro/Minion Life to be most cost-effective in terms of damage, while also helping to keep an Animate Guardian and/or interesting Spectres alive. I ended up dropping both due to socket restrictions though.

Since I went Necro, I had crazy base-damage so only went with a +1 Int Ammy. Chaos gem Levels would be nice, but not worth the ES.

I triggered kills with Scourge Arrow, which also grants Chaos Infusion for more damage and mitigation, creating an interesting minigame of having to time your next attack for when the pods detonate.

The delayed spore pods also allows you to use Sinvicta's Mettle in your Alternate Weapon Slots instead of Null and Void. You can simply Weapon Swap after firing once, which is far more convenient than an inventory swap. I put Cyclone CwC Desecrate and Bone Offering Inc Duration in it. The effects of offerings persist through weapon swaps.

I went with Dodge and Elemental Ailment Immunity from 3x Elegant Form small clusters and 1 Additional Harvest Jewel. I went with ES Gain on kill from a body armour affix. I got my Bleed Immunity from Necro's Bone Armour.

I also found I was killing my Skeletons more often than not, so I opted to only use 3x Writhing Jars and took an Aquamarine Flask, using a Balbala Brutal Restraint to spawn chilled ground on demand.

I thought Divergent Dark Pact would be insanely good. I'm glad to see you've proven that right! I just used Awakened Inc AoE, not bothering with 2x DP pre-Heist as my skeletons couldn't survive at the time...

There are a lot of ways to easily sustain RF with this, but I often found RF and Vaal RF made killing enemies nearby too difficult as the degen would kill worms. Do you not run into that issue with Galvanic Arrow? It looks almost instant. It's so much more effortless to kill your worms than I experienced with Scourge Arrow.

That Null's Enchantment changes things significantly! Freeing up attribute requirements from rings is huge! Congrats!

I never considered Mana Gained on hit jewels to solve No Mana Regen maps. It would've been nice to not reroll them all... The changes to Low Life and blood magic next league look promising though. Blood Magic + Replica Blood Sacrifice are worth checking out as an alternative to your cluster jewels.

Swapping to CI from Low Life made sense at the time, but seeing you one-shot every phase so effortlessly makes me itch to try the build again with a higher focus on damage. It was definitely the most fun one I'd ever played.

I'm wondering whether to shamelessly post my unfinished and abandoned guide as a comment in this thread. Maybe you'll find something useful in it? I tried to pretty it up, at least. Can you link item references in comments?

Either way, check out my main Standard Character if you're interested in our build differences. Mine was more survivable, if not as damaging. My gear is original harvest-tier though.
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Linderwood wrote:

Thanks for the write up. As the patch notes are not out yet, here are some very basic thoughts if the build survives:

For league start I recommend going with Necromancer or Ascendant. With Necro you can go with various league starting choices like minions or desecrate + cremation/DD. With Ascendant you can play with whatever you want and switch to low budget Wormblaster using the Pathfinder variant.

For something new I would want to try Petrified Blood LL for the additional 40% more spell damage. This means we cannot only rely on life recovery now as you are taking damage over time and instant recovery does not work well with it. Instead I would consider getting Vaal Pact and Ascendant-Trickster for the recovery rate increase from leeching so every dark pact cast would cause full effect leeching (if they hits), and hopefully getting 100% life pool leech rate per second or even more.
I make builds that guarantee to be killed in 3 months.
Manifesto is out! Actual nerf to the build in the form of, Chain on quiver shouldn’t work anymore. Rip, but unless patch notes say something else, build isn’t dead
I think in 3.14 (if patchnote wont add new nerfs), we will use a rare quiver with life, dexterity and some elemental/chaos resistances. Some other good modifiers are: life/mana gain on kill; chance for onslaught on kill (shaper/redeemer); aoe, phasing (elder/warlord); or maybe, movement speed. Min/max choice is a rare ornate quiver.

Following the manifesto, I wonder if the +1/2 chain from Summon (Greater) Harbinger of Direction buff on The Fracturing Spinner/The Shattered Divinity still affect all skills?

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