[DEAD] Wormblaster 2021 [Dark Pact Null's Inclination] [All Contents]

Tamale wrote:
I'm trying to understand the '5 uses' thing. Does that mean that we can only cast 5 dark pacts _in total_ every "volley"?

What I'm wondering is whether we could use a skill that attacks in bursts instead of all at once, like with barrage perhaps, so we're actually attacking all 40 worms over the course of 2 seconds instead of all at once. 'cause 5*8 = 40 which means all the worms would get killed if everything lined up nicely. Basically you'd just need to kill 5 worms every 0.25 seconds.

In fact, their numbers are super suspicious - 5 flasks, "5 Uses", 0.25 seconds?? Maybe they're trying to make it so this build still kind of works.

FWIW I never had the flask enchant or quiver chain and I found this build still more than capable of deleting some end game.

The Null's Inclination now causes Minion Spells Triggered by it to have a 0.25 second Cooldown with 5 Uses, and you can trigger all 5 uses in one shot, this means the bow needs 2.5 seconds to cooldown before it can trigger all 5 uses again, or, if you want, 1 trigger every 0.25 second.

And because we have a "bug" with Mother's Embrace where Minions weren't correctly consuming Flask Enchantments, assume that you haven't got the 50% reduced charges used enchantment, each skeleton will use 9.6 charges on summoned (with best roll on both flask and belt), means 4 skeletons will comsume 38.4 charges, nearly deplete your flasks. So, you need time to recharge them before you can shot again. What can you do in this time? Fleeing or running around the boss and hope it wont hit you?

Believe me, in PoE, even only 1 second can be very long than you can imagine...
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You will always be one of my favourite build that I have ever build.

Thanks FunRoom for all the guidance.

rip in pepperoni [*]

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they kill it again :'(
So many nerfs, but the bow itself getting nerfed to the ground too. RIP.

Seems that they will forever hate Wormblaster.
I am Wormblaster 4 life! Best build ever! /salute

I had a lot of fun, way toooo much fun I guess. :)
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And once again, literally no one is using Null's Inclination. No fucking fun allowed.
gimme money bitch

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