Community Designed Divination Card - Place Your Vote!

Which category of item should the card redeem for?

Specific Map
Harvest Labyrinth Offering
Specific Winged Scarab
Poll closed
1. Watchstone
2. Scrab
when mtx Community Designed?
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BLUEPRINT. Watchstones are for sissies.

Seriously though, cards are of great help and great importance for us SSF players, you people of trade leagues should just pharm currency and buy what you need.

So cards should be designed with SSF players needs in mind.
I feel like voting for a watchstone means this is a stack I will never turn in. Therefore I submit my vote for harvest/lab enchantment! Seems something I might actually have a shot of turning in a stack of cards for.
With Watchstone massively in the lead, I'm interested to see whether this ends up as a Kalandra's or Lucrative or Altering Platinum watchstone, or as Misinformation.
Le Toucan Will Return
people actually voting for blueprint/harvest labyrinth offering lmfao
fractured delve item would have been a good option
Watchstone Div Card HYPE!!!
how about a design for a card that wont be hidden by a loot filter because its absolutely worthless
beta key was passed to me by Bigsamson. a true gamer!

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