Community Designed Divination Card - Place Your Vote!

Which category of item should the card redeem for?

Specific Map
Harvest Labyrinth Offering
Specific Winged Scarab
Poll closed

hope someth useful and cool! worthy pls
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looks like we're getting a watchstone card
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Everyone is just gonna vote watchstone because they don't understand that a random watchstone is a waste of a div card and it requires forethought to understand that. A div card should offer an item that can't be target farmed as easily as a watchstone.
I voted "watchstone" like over half of the group, but I know full well it will be gated so heavily that I'd never ever have a chance of getting one.
A watchstone that gives a guaranteed valuable affix like harbinger for valdo could be interesting
really hope this watch stone would not be specific to a region instead locked to the best type of watchstone like platinum
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It should redeem for more FPS and less lag.
I was hoping for Wisdom Scroll Fragment Shards.

17 shards to make 1 Scroll Fragment.
none of the options looks interesting..

the game could use more alteration cards honestly..
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hullusable wrote:
don't let harvest labyrinth reward lose!

I'm genuinely curious. Why would you want that?

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