Community Designed Divination Card - Place Your Vote!

Which category of item should the card redeem for?

Specific Map
Harvest Labyrinth Offering
Specific Winged Scarab
Poll closed
Of course, most will vote for watchstone, that's the most useful among the selection.

Speaking of community design, what happened to the previous MTX community design?
A Div card that gives Lucky Deck which gives Stacked Decks.

Oh wait, that's already a thing because Div cards are Evil. =D
boyandroid wrote:
Speaking of community design, what happened to the previous MTX community design?

My exact thoughts. What about the community designed MTX?

Any updates???
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I'm pretty sure it will be watchstone.
no more card, destroy some no valuecard please
corrupted watchstone?
A harbinger watchstone that works! YAY POGGIES!
How does one go about purchasing the ability to design a div card, or is that different than this?

I read something in the core Atlas supporter pack that they're no longer doing this apparently? Didn't even know it was a thing.
QQPQ wrote:
hullusable wrote:
don't let harvest labyrinth reward lose!

I'm genuinely curious. Why would you want that?

Because it and winged scarabs are the only things that can't be easily obtained on the list.

I don't understand why everyone voted watchstone tho because watchstones are literally the easiest farmed items on the list, where you get 1 every 10 maps on a specific regions.

It's not like they'll be giving out the best rolled watchstones with the card. A random watchstone from a random region with random roll will be shit because you already have so many watchstones from running maps already.
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