Community Designed Divination Card - Place Your Vote!

Which category of item should the card redeem for?

Specific Map
Harvest Labyrinth Offering
Specific Winged Scarab
Poll closed
I think it should be the Labyrinth unique jewel (the one that ladder winners win each day), if only to destroy the RMT around that specific jewel (and which a known cheater "wins" every day in both SSF SC and regular SC).
Last edited by azaz on Feb 21, 2021, 5:01:12 AM
watchstone definiteely siunds good
Thank you lowkeyripper and GGG!
you guy have like few diffrent maps split into 4 pices, would be nice to have a card set that would give you all 4 pices.
Specific Map (Maps are easy to target now)
Catalyst (Who uses them?)
Watchstone (None have dropped in over 300 hours played in Ritual)
Blueprint (Heist KEKW)
Harvest Labyrinth Offering (Lab removed in 4.0)
Specific Winged Scarab (40c)

I think Watchstone is the only descent thing because they must be gated behind a boss.

I don't fight bosses as a Valdo Vincent.
Last edited by Ruffleberg on Feb 23, 2021, 1:46:42 AM
release stack deck fragment !!

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