Ritual Statistics Part One

BearCares wrote:
jsuslak313 wrote:
seems like a really high number of mirrors...especially in a single month and ONLY from rituals

it's 300 mirrors vs 600 MILLION rituals

Exactly. It's a near zero percent drop rate, which is fine. I think seeing the full number can make it hard to put in perspective.
Please stop Zana mission timer during ritual encounters. We lose mission time if we do the encounter. Skipping the encounter is another issue because then we have to go all the way back to do it, or forget about it.
How many rituals skipped?

How many "new and balanced gem skills" are used in 6links?
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GGG, thanks a lot for the info on probabilities. From now on I'll skipp all the rituals because they are not worth the time and effort!
Playing PoE since v0.9.1 // mirror drop is a myth
MLGonthorian wrote:
Fishing rod... Of course... Lol

On a side note, I'm still waiting for the day when fishing would actually be a thing in the game instead of just a meme or running gag. Torchlight pulled off fishing pretty well. Feels like the devs are too scared to do anything even slightly that's not related to only killing things in the game.

Fishing could be a cool side activity to partake in to where you use the fish you catch as temporary buff consumables similar to flasks. It's an idea to explore at least, I'm sure others would appreciate at least some form of it in the game as well considering Zizaran and many other streamers and Reddit have asked for it for years now.

Fishing in the ARPG game FATE:

I could fish while reading the /global 820 for the lab trials I'm searching :P
Is there a statistic how many mirrors just stayed in the ritual because people didn't had enough points?
For those who have fallen before us
I like statistics! Give me more!

Well Chaos seem pretty common, every few Rituals. Exalted Orbs i got 2 till now. One i could buy directly after rerolling for 6800 Points, that felt nice.
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ok, i got some hot questions for you:
-how many points HAVE NOT BEEN SPENT in rituals ?
you know when you got thousands points but nothing good to buy or to defer...this kind of points
-and how many t16 maps have been with empty rituals area with very low points ?
(this is to make you think and understand rituals should give points amount related to map tier, i think is not good to run a t16 map and not be able to defer again a rare item because you got much less points than when running a t1 map rituals, even by running them in the best possible order

we lost much in this league, map portals, expensive maps, currency, rare items dropped...
at least you can make ritual league grat again :) it's not too late.

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