Our 3.14 Expansion Timeline

Please separate challenge rewards for SSF and HC
badoobmx wrote:
well hopefully the league will be better than ritual
the atlas took most of the time I'm guessing
no way it took 4 months to come up with a Circle that spawns monsters just like a breach with heist Rewards...

Return Molten strike back to how it was before, thanks!

i 100% agree when i first started molten strike was a great skill to use
they literly killed it and made it feel like garbage
just remove the damn unique jewels and put the skill back and the animations..

ggg literly nerfs half ass builds so there not strong but leaves HH and self cursing in the game...cus the people working in ggg play aurabots and there carrys use HH sad.

Dumb comment. It took 3 months to make the atlas passive trees, test it out, make maven, test it out, make the new maps, make the new hideouts, balance what had to be balanced and more. The 4 months was because of CP77`s release.

And as far as leagues go, I`m loving ritual. Its quick and fast, you don`t need to stop doing maps to go to another place like heist (which was noice too) and it is usually more rewarding than Breach and Timeless Monolith.
Better than fresh challenge league will be fresh gfx engine...
I still think the three months cycle is not a good idea.
I'm excited for the announcement live stream with QA the last one was very good!

But for the love of Innocent please address and rework how trade works in PoE.
Calling it "Interesting Surprise" would be an interesting surprise.
I am just afraid of the game quality gettin lower and lower, since this is exactly what I experience expansion for expansion. On a highend computer I am forced to run this game in the lowest settings now (had to decrease it for a stable framerate step by step, expansion for expansion).

I can't go lower in the next expansion, thats why I'm afraid!

(cpu 3900x, gpu: rtx 2080 ti, 16gb DDR4 3400MHz RAM and playin PoE on a super fast M2 SSD... in harvest league I was able to play in the highest settings except for global illumination settings)

im not hyped for 3.14!
lol, just noticed that as I read your comment.

Mathematics league inc?
Fix the shit ton of graphic issues before making more content.
While I am very exited about the new things to come in a future release, I think care should be taken on balancing delivery of content vs delivery of stable content.
The last three or so releases was done with a high count of defects that most of us would love not to have experienced.
That been said.. I look forward in seeing the new stuff

You guys are all ROCKSTARS !!!!
Last edited by Davidious on Feb 9, 2021, 7:15:52 PM
cool, but plz give desecrate some love, the visuals from heist has made it unplayable for like 4 months...

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