Our 3.14 Expansion Timeline

4 expansions in 2021? I thought usually its only 1 per year?
4 expansion this year? so no POE2 in 2021? Sad.

When will we get any news or anything on PoE 2...?
notice me Bex
*throws jockstrap*
It would be better to actually fix the game instead of implementing new content. Impossible to enjoy actual/new content with this performance.
do you guys have any sort of information for a name? or anything of the sort?
Im waiting for the league mechanic that lets us amalgamate uniques

Imagine risking a HH and a Shavs to try to get some GG chest only to get the shit part of both

I've lost control of the controls...
Jesus take the wheel"
RAizQT during Kammel HC race
Guys u cant handle the league job, with 5 month u guve us buggy as hell league, i dont belive 3.14 and other expansions run fine. I lost my faith with u.
Return Molten strike back to how it was before, thanks!

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