New Microtransactions: Transcendence Shield, Nightwatch Weapon Effect and Celestial Firestorm

MTX preview lobby when ?
Sick mtx for firestorm...only problem is that you didnt scale it well so no one playing it.
When "fix your game" mtx ? Cause im waiting to long for it
36$ for kinda lame shield MTX ? Still sane GGG ?
XvXReaperXvX wrote:
Dear GGG, may I please request a celestial skill effect for Freezing Pulse? Thank you so much.
might I suggest a lower volume of music when showing off skill mtx? Once in a while I can't even tell what they sound like because of the music, and sound in an mtx for a skill is important. It's not an issue on this one but for the future
I hate to be that guy, but with all the great MTX for Firestorm, it would be phenomenal if the skill itself was buffed to the point of usability.

I like this MTX and I think the Stygian version is one of the best skill skins you have created.

That being said, the proof is in the pudding and there is exactly one build in the softcore Ritual league that uses firestorm that's high enough to be tracked by poeninja. It needs to establish a niche and right now it still lags behind other options that are themselves not extremely competitive. There's more utilization in HC/SSF but even those cases, the builds are largely not breaking level 90 and not all that much more utilized.
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Can't find any info anywhere, does firestorm MTX apply to Icestorm?

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