We’ve just released three new microtransactions into the store: the Transcendence Shield Skin, Nightwatch Weapon Effect and Celestial Firestorm Effect. Find out more about them below or get yours here.

Transform your shield into an all-seeing eye with sharp rays of purple and blue light radiating from its centre with the new Transcendence Shield Skin. The Nightwatch Weapon Effect will give your weapons a golden glow as silver coils wrap themselves around its form. With the new Celestial Firestorm Effect, the standard fiery look of the skill will be replaced with a downpour of shooting golden stars and a gigantic asteroid that leaves ripples of Celestial matter in its wake. Check them out below!

All of these microtransactions work well with other cosmetics effects from the store such as the Chaotic Ethercraft Armour Set, Celestial Aura Effect and Transcendence Portal Effect.

Thank you for your support!
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Janzi wrote:
Is there no way to upgrade a Premium/Normal tab to Quad tab? I bought many premium tabs but realised later I need Quad tabs instead.


I'm afraid this is not something our system allows unfortunately, if you would like to look into possibly having some of your stash tabs refunded however you will need to contact support@grindinggear.com via email.

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