New Microtransactions: Transcendence Shield, Nightwatch Weapon Effect and Celestial Firestorm

we want the twilight MTX please! spent a fortune for the shield but no luck :(
I really tried to use Firestorm this league =(

BTW that was a "Caller" Elementalist with Trinity and I noted there's no Ice version like "Hail Strike" or "Hail Storm" as a skill so I was forced to go Glacial Cascade + Unleash Stormcall which is kinda scuffed with the new Heart of Destruction. An Ice Call skill would be far smoother.
Thirty Six Dollars for a shield

what the fuck
That celestial fire storm is amazing. Too bad the damage multiplier is so low I had to stop playing it to progress into red maps. I love the Diablo 2 meteor style gameplay but I cant kill any bosses with it!
firestorm looks really nice
they put spinning stuff on everything... that pixelated swirling bandage on the weapon effect ruins it like the skulls on the corsair character effect,wish there was an option to togle the added spinning stuff on and off... balls skulls lines feathers,whatever.
Celestial Firestorm looks spectacular. Does the skill still suck though?
Le Toucan Will Return
masterp422 wrote:
damn now i really want to make a Firestorm build.. The celestial skins are amazing keep them coming! (Celestial Flame Dash PLEEEEAASE!)

There is a celestial flame dash in the twilight mystery box. It wil be in shop. I know cus i got it :)
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Celestial Fireball / Stygian Fireball When?

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