[3.14] Aurastacking SRS, Destroy the endgame! Aurabots check this out!

Flying_Mage wrote:
I've noticed that the guide is ignoring Enduring Bond keystone and nearby passives, even though they are tailor-made for SRS and seems crazy good not to take.
My question is why?

You get plenty duration from running Malevolence and since your minions really get the bulk of their damage from auras to begin with, spending 5 points elsewhere really makes a bigger difference.
maomh55 wrote:
Hello! Ive been boss carrying quite a bit on TFT recently and ive had a lot of people ask me about my build and POB so i figured why not make a build guide!

This Build can be transitioned to from being a aurabot or playing classic SRS though aurabots have better gear overlap! It can also be played as an aurabot if you would desire to support a party, You can even fill multiple roles as the aurabot/Carry or bosskiller!

This entire guide is a WORK IN PROGRESS

IGN: Orcsucksaura
Discord: Orcsucks#2866

Pm me any questions
Check out the new budget guide below!

There are many ways to build this type of gameplay! ive tried alot of different styles but this is the one i liked the most!

You do not need to get total ailment immunity like i do but its a great QoL to have, certain bosses inflict nasty shocks and ignites and if they are stacked on HP you might not have the flask to remove them!


+Very tanky, High sustain, Sirus clouds does not scare you!
+Fast clearspeed ( not in league with superspeed or HH etc )
+Good Damage
+Great at boss killing!
+Can be the aurabot for any party
+Works great with a cursebot Duo
+Can leaguestart as an aurabot


- Not a HH build
- Expensive ( but you can make sacrifices and it works great still )

https://pastebin.com/hq6ALUwk This is my current character in Ritual!

I made a **budget version** for this build since a lot of people asked about it.

**Total cost for gear:**

Alpha'howl : 4 Chaos Orbs
Victario's: 10 Chaos Orbs ( perfect aura effect roll )
Sin trek: 3 Chaos orbs
Gloves: 20 Chaos Orbs
Belt: 5 Chaos Orbs
Amulet: 40 Chaos Orbs
Ring 1 : 10 Chaos Orbs
Ring 2 : 15 Chaos Orbs

Weapon: 50 chaos for six link base, 1 reedemer's orb, 25 chaos to roll 4% dmg
1 awakener orb, 1 chaos for level 1 fort staff, 4c for minion damage craft

**Total cost for gear:** 228 Chaos + 1 Awakener's orb

**Total cost for jewels:**

Potency: 3c
Efficency: 3c
3x minion damage 8x passives: 35 c
6x medium cluster jewels
bought 4 bases for 15 chaos each and rolled with chaos orbs

1st jewel, First Among Equals+Pure Might, 6 chaos spent
2nd jewel, Self-control+Replenishing Presence, 10 chaos spent
3rd jewel, 17 chaos orb spent , First among + Replenish
4th jewel: 11 chaos orb spent, first among + Pure aptitude
5th jewel: 2 ex
6th jewel: 2 ex

When i get the reserve+aura effect jewel's i buy the rest, Replenishing+First among Equals for 2 ex each.

Rare jewels with 1% rmr
1: 2 chaos
2: 4 chaos
3: 3 chaos
4: 3 chaos
5: 5 chaos

watcher's eye for 20 chaos

**Total cost for jewels: 452 Chaos orbs**

**Skill gems:**

Vaal purity of fire - 9 chaos
Vaal purity of lightning- 4 chaos
Vaal purity of ice - 8 chaos
haste 10 chaos
Wrath 60 chaos
Anger 80 chaos
Hatred 70 chaos
discipline 40 chaos
precision 60 chaos
vitality 48 chaos
Smite 5 chaos
malevolence 60 chaos
chaos golem 20 chaos
Blasphemy 15 chaos
Elemental Weakness 20 chaos

**Total cost: 458 Chaos Orbs**

Total budget of the character buying everything: **15 Exalted orbs**

POB: https://pastebin.com/uWHS84c5
Sirus Dps: 6 million Sirus dps no shenanigans
Resists: 90%
Phys mitigation: 32% flat
Energy shield: 4.3k

Budget Video Showcase:

Tier 16 Waste Pool: https://youtu.be/31Fml1vg_18
Maven: https://youtu.be/Aq3qPMGmnZM
Sirus 8:

Video Showcase IN PROGRESS

Ritual bossing usually with 2 player health:

Sirus: https://youtu.be/A05bTQyn21Q

Cortex: https://youtu.be/unUCjdeii0A

Uber-Atziri: https://youtu.be/5JxzA1vWAUI

The Feared: https://youtu.be/TniMcokpnGg

T16 Waste Pool: https://youtu.be/hTmbV54J9Mg

Maven: https://youtu.be/cHcf7azSIu0



Low Tier:

Run your purities here to benefit from the 2+ gems so you can get 90% all res

Mid Tier: ES helm with RMR mod , you could roll it with essence of Delirium to try and hit 2+ level of gems and RMR or just go for a maven orb'ed RMR roll

High Tier:

Maven orb'd and awakener orb'd together, RMR from reedemer and nearby enemies take increased elemental damage ( only for boss damage ) You can get better ES than this helmet using harvest, if you hit it well you can get an extra suffix craft, in that case craft phys taken as fire , or avoid ailments/stun if you need that.



Victario's influence, high end option naturally 2+ aura gems or 1+ socketed, or Both!

If you are just starting off i 100% recommend running haste in your victario's its way more dps and helps you lift the build of the ground, i run it outside cause i wanna move faster and i dont mind the dps loss.



Low Tier:
i mean really just grab something with ES + strength and/or resists if you need em

Mid Tier:a Rare As much ES you can muster, strength if you need it, or you could go for a double RMR Jewel enthroned

High Tier:

High ES, Stygian vise, pref with Crusader's % ES, Recovery rate is also nice.
This is also where youd put your aspect of the spider if you want to run it. Strength here is also great!


Low Tier:

Mid Tier: Sin trek with 2+ aura gem corruption so you can replace your alpha's

High Tier:

Late game i run Avoid elemental ailments+ Avoid being stunned , both maven orbed, then merged with awak, then harvest craft the es rolls, If you dont care about ailments then just get a high es boot



Low Tier: As much es as you can find, Dex is nice, maybe a resist if your lacking it

Mid Tier: High es, dex

High Tier:

High es, Dex+Int, a es % Synthesis base would be worth looking at


Unset rings, always

Here i wont divide it into tier's just tell you what you should look out for

Mods should preferably be:

3+ level of socketed gem (discipline) could run one for vitality aswell for the regen.
Flat ES
% ES ( Crusader )
Open suffix for +1 endu charges
Minion damage ( reedemer's mod, awak orb, expensive option )

Running a vivinsect here is also pretty good ( discipline in that )

For boss damage getting curse on hit ele weakness is huge!

My rings in Ritual :

Add Fertile Catalyst's to it and you gain an extra reduced mana reserved
The Anoint should always be: Champion of the Cause ( Teal, Crimson , Gold )

Low Tier: an RMR amulet with es ( I heavily recommend going a simplex for extra RMR)

Mid Tier:

Step 1: Buy a simplex amulet ilvl 84, and slam it with reedemer exalted orb.
Step 2: Roll RMR
Step 3: Buy any random amulet with whatever extra suffix you want, i chose phys mitigation but you can pick any influence suffix, https://poedb.tw/us/mod.php?cn=Amulet
Step 4: Now you have perfect suffixes, use reroll keep suffix untill you hit a decent es roll, clean the other mod and craft es on it , could also use r+a defense etc.

High Tier:



Low Tier: Any six link staff with minion damage, minion attack speed etc

Mid Tier:

Battery staff with 4% inc dmg per aura and multimod minion damage + cast speed, a bonus is if you awakener orb 4% inc dmg aura with socketed gems deal 20% more attack damage or supported by level 1 fortify, both mods provide the same damage but fortify makes your srs tankier.

High Tier:

if you wanna mirror mine you can for free.
Mirrors used: 1

Unique jewels

For the watcher's eye jewel get any defensive stats you can, you can also get immunity to certain ailments here, if you got an alpha's howl and running on a budget getting shock immunity here is great!

Rare Jewels

Focus on getting these stats with 1% Reduced mana reserved

1. Resists if lacking ( you shouldnt )
2. Energy shield
3. attributes if lacking ( preferably get the extra attributes from cluster jewels )
4. Minion damage

Cluster Jewels

Implicit: Stun avoidance or whatever ailment you want/need ( harvest ) usually buying the base with the implicit enchant is cheaper then buying the finished product or trying to spam implicit enchants on your jewels

You need a total of 300% inc aura effect, with a potency jewel and a perfect 15% victario's you should land on 300%


In short:
-Every jewel should have replenishing Presence + A notable
- You run 3 Replenishing + First among Equals
- You run 3 Replenishing + Reduced reserve noteable
- Recommended having Pure apptitude as one of them


-Attributes you may need
- Int for ES
- Regen

My three Replinish+ FaE cluster jewels

My three reservations reduce jewels

youll need 2x voices, the best you can get, mine are:

Determination is not an important aura, dont run the reduced reserve for it if you cannot afford to run the other aura's ( i use it cause of my watcher's eye jewel )

Skill gems & Links


Minion Damage
Elemental damage with attacks ( must swap with melee splash during mapping )
Elemental Focus ( can swap with elemental pen during mapping )


Purity of lightning ( must have aura for 90% all res )
Purity of Fire ( must have aura for 90% all res )
Purity of Ice ( must have aura for 90% all res )
Enhance/Enlighten/Empower or Flame Dash

Victario's Influence:

Wrath ( must have dps aura )
Anger ( must have dps aura )
Hatred ( must have dps aura )
Precision ( must have dps aura, lets us not care about accuracy )
Empower ( if its linked and you have it )
Awakened Generosity ( if its linked and you have it, must be 20% quality for +1 to level )


Elemental weakness linked with Blasphemy


Filler, put it any auras like:
Clarity ( not needed but a free aura is a free aura, run as lvl 1 )
Vitality ( run as high as you can, great sustain )
Malevolence ( SUPER IMPORTANT, this aura gives us the skill duration we need )
Stone Golem or Chaos golem ( any golem if you cant afford to run more aura's

Filler, same as Gloves
Blasphemy- Elemental weakness ( great for clear and dps )

Ring: if the ring has + level to gem then put a discipline in it.

Update on my case: I love this build, im running now on 7.5k ES, as for the guide, i missing helmet and boots and staff the high tier options. Im still using low tier there

I spent like 70+ex on jewels alone, but build is so awesome, especially if u come from somethign squish as i did from arc.

https://pastebin.com/sAxNdLqQ this is my current pob

Special thanks to Shabanotti here that helped a lot with the build :)
The question now is how do I get a battery staff with both +2 level of socketed spell gems (for 90% all res) and 4% minion damage. What is the best way?

Currently thinking about it, maybe I should get +2 level of spell gems and imprint it, then regal/remove till I have +2 level of all spells, then "prefix cannot be changed" and augment/remove r/a caster until I get minion damage? Then Harvestcraft / multimod on top of it?

I too am thinking about where to go with the staff after gleefully bricking my first iteration while sleep deprived.

Little bit confused about your question, though? By 4% minion damage you mean "auras from your skills give 4% increased damage to you and allies," right? Also it seems like in the imprinting process you propose you go for +2 level of all spell gems twice? Did you mean to write +3 to level of all fire gems instead?
Hi, it's a nice guide you have done!
Just a question, if I have elemental weakness on hit on my ring, it's usefull to keep blasphemy + ele weakness aura?
Thanks for your answer :)
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I have basically the same question as the one from the other page on the last few resist points.

I have 87% max resist, but am not sure where the last 3% should be coming from at this point. I have a 15% victario's, and as far as I can tell I have the appropriate jewels + tree to get the increased effect.

PoB: https://pastebin.com/xbdiw00x
Last edited by surc on Mar 18, 2021, 11:17:57 AM
You need lvl21 (im)purites.
Ah, awesome -- I couldn't remember if there was an invisible % increase going on that wasn't shown in the UI on the gems, that's an easy fix. Thanks! :)

Edit: Fixed it and just steamrolled t8 sirus and all the elder/shaper guardians without my ES even dropping noticeably :)
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Great guide! I was theory crafting templar aura bots to play with my son when I found your guide and like the idea of also being able to help him with bosses instead of just standing around doing nothing like a normal aura bot. I'm curious what your thoughts are on this. Basically a mix of your build and an aura bot. Less replenishing and more aura reduction on jewels to be able to throw in more aura's. The POB is far from optimized as I only included the minimum stats on gear / jewels since it's just theory at this point.

At level 97:
4800 ES
~1270 ES regen / ~1570 on consecrated ground
88% all res
78% evade
41% phys / 90% flasked
183K / 200K DPS per SRS

I was hoping you wouldn't mind taking a look and letting me know your thoughts. Thanks!

POB - https://pastebin.com/6QkBMpVF

Is it worth scaling Wrath, Anger and Hatred with Vengeful Commander up to 4.5 aura effect or better just leave it at 3.5 and focus on other stuff?

My POB: https://pastebin.com/cBQA7Axw

stoudtlr wrote:
POB - https://pastebin.com/6QkBMpVF

You're not using Might of the Meek and Intuitive Leap, Your Aura effect is not x3.
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