[Xbox] Patch 3.13.1 One Hour Realm Rollback

magnumpci wrote:

Or... For an issue that will 'completely destroy' the in-game economy of your bread and butter product, one that was found by the player base in under an hour, you test your patches before they are released.

This is fair. The patch should never have gone out the door in the state it was in. But the remedy isn't to create a huge disparity in players by not rolling back, nor to create that disparity by selectively restoring specific things that were lost. We'll come back to this in more detail below.

magnumpci wrote:

I work for a video game company; I know full well the impact. I also know that you don't inflict pain on the game population for expediency's sake or to avoid tedious work of your own (GGG).

If you're going to claim game-company cred, tell us who you work for. I already know you won't. Because if you did, your employer would look down on you talking trash about another game company, AND we could very easily demonstrate that, whatever game it is, there's no actual comparison to PoE.

Also, you shit-talk GGG for putting a patch that required a rollback, and then immediately say that you know rollbacks suck, because you work for a game company... who we can surmise from that statement *also* has required rollbacks. So you expect to hold GGG to a higher standard than yourself.

magnumpci wrote:

No, it was me six linking a chest and coloring it during that time - something we all know can require an incredible amount of currency and luck. Again, they are not 'unable' to replace it, they are unwilling.

magnumpci wrote:

Or... They cease play as they did and selectively roll back the affected and not Neutron bomb the entire Xbox player game population for a problem THEY created.

First, how do you or GGG or anyone know everything that was broken? Maybe fusings were also deterministic during that hour, and your 6L was not legit either? Neither your nor GGG has any way of knowing what, if anything at all, was "legit" during that hour.

Honestly, it sounds to me like the big thing that was broken (among others) was the randomization seed itself. Which means *anything* involving RNG wasn't "legit" for that hour. Drops, currency use, Div Card turnin, Beastcrafting, etc. Pretty much everything in the game.

There are some cases that *seem* narrower. Let's suppose that the *only* thing that was broken was Ancient Orb RNG, and that, thus, the "only" illegitimate items created were HH's created with Ancient Orbs.

Do you still rollback everything? Well, yes, you do.

Because the people who got those HH's may have sold or traded them, and every person who used one of those HH's got extra XP and drops. And what about the people they traded *those* drops to?

And what about the people who used *those* traded items?

The impact is too far reaching to do fairly.

Plus, other than the most egregious offenders, you have no way to know who accidentally encountered the bug, versus those who read about it and deliberately abused it.

magnumpci wrote:

I do this all day, every day - give out free shit to persistent barkers like myself. Why? To make them evangelists for the game, not against it (which is what has happened).

Because GGG refused to replace my legit item, this is what has happened:

(snipped "bad press" list for brevity)

And before it is mentioned, 'if they did it for you, they would have to do it for everyone'. If they would have issued a replacement via a ticket, this dirty laundry would have never been made public.

So, you do it to "create evangelists", who presumably go around talking about the fact that you helped them out, but GGG is supposed to expect that you would stay silent on the issue?

What, were they supposed to make you sign an NDA in order to get your item restored?

Given just the things we know for sure were broken, literally 100% of XBox players who were signed in during that hour "lost" stuff, and also gained stuff that was not supposed to happen.

How many hours of employee time should GGG spend to try to make that right? It would take literal weeks. Weeks of time from a large group of employees, to fix ONE HOUR of gameplay. What of anything else that happens during that time? Or should they shut down the game for a month so that nothing new comes in?

One more thing... when you get complaints of "lost" items, do you ever deny people?

Would you deny them if you *know* the item was created using a bug? If you can't be sure if it was deliberately or otherwise?

You're super pissed. I get that. But what you're asking for would actually harm the game more than your anti-evangelism ever could.
game likes to keep installing updates, already installed latest patch and couldn't connect, restarted game and it re-downloaded and installed updates. Also, am constantly getting 31-32mb downloads when starting the game. Almost every other day. using an ssd... So yeah, I have my concerns about what that does to loading and reading the game and it fucking my ssd by filling it up with unnecessary data.
have downloaded a gig from you guys today, this patch twice...
The fact that this happened to begin with makes me hesitant to invest any time in this game.
How do you release an update that breaks the game without noticing this in testing. Preoccupied with poe2?

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