[Xbox] Patch 3.13.1 One Hour Realm Rollback

Shortly after deploying patch 3.13.1 on Xbox we started receiving reports that a number of unintended behaviours were manifesting. These included currency orbs not functioning on certain items, certain rewards being generated at extremely high rates, guaranteed predictive item crafting, and more. After we confirmed these unintended behaviours, we took the realm offline and began investigating. This led us to find that some data files had become corrupted which resulted in the above behaviours occurring. We have now fixed this. Due to the nature of these problems we have no choice but to roll the realm data back to just before we deployed 3.13.1 as protecting the state of the in-game economy is of utmost importance, and to leave the unintended items in play would be unfair to other players. We're very sorry about this, and will be investigating further to find how this occurred.
Last bumped on Oct 31, 2021, 7:22:45 PM

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