Path of Exile Talent Competition

"For Immortality, you took everything from me. Now, I will make you beg for Death."

My second submission for the Path of Exile Contest, I always found this scene to be so satisfying for Jun's character. I imagine Jun would do much more than grant Catarina a quick death.
When my friend first told me that there is an item called Lion's Roar, I thought it was an alternative to Alpha's Howl - well, I was wrong.
Now I have an excuse to make it happen.

Here is my take on Lion's Roar if it was a helmet:

I made an anime-style rendition of "Fall of Oriath" from the PoE soundtrack. Really love the music in this game and wanted to pay tribute. Also made a silly anime opening to go along with it as a joke (a joke that took way too much time to make lol).
I did a clarinet cover of the main theme (Fall of Oriath). 5 "percussion" parts, 6 Bb clarinet parts, 1 synth via VST plugin, and 3 bass clarinet parts.
Here's my second character for the entry! I'm trying to finish the ranger as well before the end date.
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My second entry, depicting Maven in her prime!
Here is a new submission, in the form of a free verse poem.


Head into the sand
Wake up, Exile ! it's the night
Get this weapon in hand
No choice but to fight !

Let's go into first act
Gotta find the short way
Coz' you know for a fact
It's gonna take the whole day !

"Boom, you die Hillock !
Let me in, there's a body at the gate
Belly open, head on a rock
Strand's full of zmobies, I can't wait !

Hey captain, what's your quest ?
You've met me, you've been blessed
You want this medicine chest ?
No problem, let me get dressed

Boots and movement speed
Any weapon, a phys damage ring
Some mana on the amulet.
Monsters, prepare to bleed !

Siren's dead, no more dances for her
Might help Alira, or this schmock Kraytin
What's that beast, Einhar ?
An alpha or a queen ?

Say what, Hargan ?
You want the third bust ?
Ok sure, if I must,
Consider me your man.

Grigor, gimme the skill point
What do I take on the tree ?
Did I forget to tag the waypoint ?
Do I need Chance to flee ?

These gloves I wanna craft
Frankly, I'm not sure
This mod seems obscure
Whatever, this build's just a draft

When I have Despair,
It'll be more fun
When I get Phase Run
I'll vanish into thin air

Skellies roaming around,
Watch out for your skulls
Beware, my main skill culls
When I hit, you kiss the ground !

I want to find the flow
My style is gritty
My job is dirty
You guessed it, I'm a Shadow

Look at me, I'm your worst fears
A killer, but with sobriety
Now I can down Piety
Before she disappears.

Act four, no time for a break
Farm at Dried Lake
Grind your way to Daresso
Then runspeed the volcano

Back to Oriath, teleport
Helping slaves in revolt
Dead ! What was that bolt ?
It hit harder than an Colt !"

Fail Kitava, meet Lily Roth
Buy new gems, choose Blood stance
Then swear, make an oath :
"I will raise my fire resistance !"

"Grandpa Roth, what's that task ?
Ok, I'll bring back your locket
Trust me, faster than a rocket !
Done ! Now, hand me the diamond flask.

Act eight, get the orb of Solaris
(You think : he's gonna rhyme with Lunaris)
Oh, did I deliver the bust of Gaius Sentaris ?
Yeah, wiki nerd, I'm sorry
I know : it's Sentari."

Good, you've past the King of Brine
Go on, but do not rejoice,
No armour, was it a good choice ?
Here comes the Porcupine !

"Can't even tell the hour
I'm barely into act nine
The Syndicate wanna break my spine
While a guy's beating the Shaper !

Three hours past midnight
Need a new ring and a rare dagger
Sure, I can't get any swagger
While my stuff is still white."

Blood spilling out of the well,
Oriath square burning red
Black thunder over your head
Looks like the entryway of hell !

(Here, insert some badass rhyme
That rhymes with doom.
To make a verse sublime
You have enough room.)

Before you pass the demon's horns,
Do third Izaro and rest for a while.
Cheer up and beware, Exile !
Might as well walk into thorns...

Indeed, the Feeding Trough
With Delirium on top
May seem a bit rough
Now run, you can't stop !

Sulphur, corpses, horrible scent
Burn your flasks, fight Kitava
Take your minus sixty percent
And voila !
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
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Ventor's Gamble

I created the ring of Ventor's Gamble from wood. It is rather small, outer sides are 2 centimeter, but luckily, I persuaded someone with small fingers to pose for the pictures. The ring itself was obviously not designed to be easily wearable.

Wearing the ring

How it was made

A cube was sawed off of a cubic piece of wood.

Sanding of the sides. With the help of the holed template on the left, dots were marked with the hand drill at the bottom. The chisel at the top was used to widen the small holes.

The holes were deepened and enlarged with an electric drill.

The drill with a drill stand was used to create the center hole for the finger.

The center hole without the machines.

Edges were filed off, center hole widened, and the others were cleaned with the drill head previously used on them.

First layer of acrylic paint applied.

Second layer of paint, and dots are colored now with a permanent marker.

After some light sanding, it's done.

Major159 wrote:
Sanding of the sides. With the help of the holed template on the left, dots were marked with the hand drill at the bottom. The chisel at the top was used to widen the small holes.

My friend, I didn't know you could chisel a ring !
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.

I play a lot of Magic. I created a planeswalker card for the Maven. The template for the card is from As I am not a Magic card designer, I have no idea of this card would be any good or not :) the +1 ability is admittedly a rip-off from an existing card called "Crystalline Giant".

I also drew the artwork on Clip Studio:

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