Path of Exile Talent Competition

I can finally get a Headhunter after all these years... All it took was hours of farming paper and glue.

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Here's my submission, The Warlord's Dream!

My kingdom for... Veritania...
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My submission. Enjoy!

My submission, Maven and company
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Here is my submission: the cover from your favorite Comics Magazine, Tales of Exile!

Here's an excerpt from the main story:

The Ravenous God

"'By the ancestors,' Jon said, 'I bloody hate mondays'.

Kitava stood before him, covered in blood, ash and not enough bruises. The creature towered over the city of Oriath, bringing another fistful of corpses into its jaws. Chewing, gnawing and craving for more. Kitava, whom the legends called the Insatiable. The Ravenous God. The Father of Corruption.

Or, as Jon Karui said, "That One Ugly Bastard." He hated Oriath, but he hated cannibals more.

Jon readied his axe and cried a mighty roar. The God turned to face him, its head shaped like a bloody cross. X marked the spot where you should hit. Kitava had seen him and started to drag his monstrous body towards the Karui warrior, smashing buildings with every step. He was hungry for a tough meal.

'I'll feed you alright,' Jon smiled. 'How about an axe through the face?'.

He lunged forward."

If you like my art, you can find more on my instagram:

Enjoy and congrats on all the cool submissions!
Everyone is all about The Maven, and my mate The Envoy got so sidelined.

Had the most fun this league and i just had to channel my enthusiasm into a painting. Painted for about 2 weeks, with edits and changes here and there. Hope you exiles enjoy the submission! Hopefully i have time to do another one.

Maven's Writ.

30second painting process

Hello everyone, here is my second contribution for this competition, it's my version of the templar short theme. The first part is quite epic in style and the second is much more electro. Thank you all for listening. Give me your opinion ^^

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