Path of Exile Talent Competition

My project, i' very content for result
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My art in my body

Thief of Virtue

My true loves <3

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My submission is a chocolate ritual cake. The cake is coffee+chocolate with a homemade cream cheese frosting. I made little pottery clay models for the various skulls, and then used a silicone putty to make candy molds. I was then able to pipe melted chocolate (white+dark) to get the skull shapes and try to form some branches and random pieces on parchment paper. It was all chocolate-glued together with a single center skewer. The pooling blood is melted cherry jolly ranchers. I had a lot of fun trying to get this thing together (broke sooo many parts).

Here is a couple more pictures:


Inspired by all the invitations to atlas regions sitting in my stash ^-^
I made my boyfriend this path of exile inspired cross stitch for his birthday, and wanted to share it with the community.

Hope you enjoy it.
I love Maven. Couldn't resist making a portrait of her!
I made these out of air dry clay and the maven I made using polymer clay.


The Elder:




The Maven:

I had a lot of fun making these! :D

Edit! Here are pictures of before I painted them:
Obviously I lost an arm during the process of making him but he was my first sculpture and working with air dry clay was challenging.

I tried to save the arm but...I couldn't get it to stick! lol.
Elder before he was painted:

Getting the teeth to look sharp wasn't easy and I did my best.
Kitava was probably the one that gave me the most hard time. The clay kept cracking on me! :*(

Piety kept tilting on me even though I kept redoing the wires. I learned after the zombie that I needed wiring to keep the body stable. I used foil for Kitava. A lot of trial and error.

I hope you guys enjoy looking at my figures and work in progress pictures.

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here's my submission

Ritual for blood and violence.

imgur link -
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