Fyregrass' Comprehensive Storm Brand Assassin Guide - Updated for 3.14! - Act 1 to Maven 9

@Fyregrass Thank you for the updates and I was going to start with a shadow GC miner and transition later, but now you put all that effort in the league starting with the build, I can't let that effort go wasted.

Balls deep from the start in my most favourite build ever!

Thanks again mate!
Hey Fyre, thanks for the great guide. Curious as to the gem setup, wouldn't chain/awakened chain be really good for mapping?
I really like this build tho I think this league it's going to be wayy harder to start since prices are going up, specially on inpulsa
Fyregrass wrote:

If you really like this build but play HC, play it as an Elementalist with Armageddon brand to level with and swap to Storm brand later on when you have lots of damage or an Inpulsa.

I'm going Elementalist do you think Arma Brand is a better starter for her than Lightning Slinger?
Would you recommend using Storm's Gift with inpulsa?
Going to play in a party, my friend will play aurabot.

My question is how well does this build scale with a aurabot? And will it be easy to respec into penance brand if needed?
Is possible with scion ?🤔
In 3.13 I reached about 12-13mil dps with the badge of the brotherhood setup and I cannot for the life of me kill A8 Sirus but I can do that fight with poison bv. I wanna league start Fyregrass’ build but I wanna be able to take down Sirus without leveling another character just for bossing. I’m looking tips & tricks for killing him with storm brand assassin
After a really quick glance through your build, remove those fractured rings and add some that will give you actual life/es + chaos res ideally (I mean, implicits for sure are completely retarded, but actual stats suck on them, that's why you save up and buy craftable ones). Have Corrupted blood immunity. Try to switch Haste for Discipline, and socked Discipline into Gloves, move Vitality elsewhere since it takes up very little mana %. Why blood magic support in helm? Use hybrid flask if you lack mana (I guess you do). Remove Cast on Death + Portals from Wand and add something more useful for the fight. And Badge is for zoom zoom, not really for Sirus (if you still die).
With the rest of your items, I don't see how you're not apsolutely destroying him if you're able to avoid bullshit he throws around.
In all honesty, with a proper tree+gems setup and just your gloves+helm+wands you should murder the shit out of him. Because this build fucks.
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Beautiful Textbook for Assassin Storm Brand. Thanks Bro.

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