[3.13] Penance Brand Elementalist - Smooth Fun T16 Mapping on 400-600c Budget


Your Author's Note is just the best. Good thoughts, I wish more people will do guides your way, finally a build where a working goal is precisely set and reachable.

Thank you.
trying to put something together based on this, thank you for taking the time to put the mechanics of the skill in written form. Overall its well done, I'll post back with a gear capture and my take once I'm done. Id like to point out that the wand link doesn't actually link you to a search, there are no weightings.

Thank you op, for your time writing this.
hi. so i opened spreadsheet and my calculations showed me final explosion stacks=23 (yellow-which is too much)
is that really bad and is there any way i can lower that?
cast time=0.23
hit rate=10.79
skill dur=1.22

my POB https://pastebin.com/5wQzWQb0

and if you could tell me few tips how to improve my single target?(new to this skill)


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