[3.14] Penance Brand Elementalist - Smooth Fun T16 Mapping on 400-600c Budget

Matt0214 wrote:
My damage is REALLY bad, not sure what I am doing wrong but my gear is pretty solid in my eyes.

Do you have enough cast speed to proc blasts? seems like this is the problem.
Am I missing something? I just checked pob and turns out in the end we would only have around 55% chance to crit without bottled faith, isn't that a bit low to be scaling crit
I'm gonna need to see some video footage of you smoothly clearing T16s with that gear....
Does anyone have a video of what this build looks like? It seems like every video on youtube is the ignite version.
How do we play against bosses? I'm playing with an aurabot and sometimes bosses melt, but other times it feels like I don't do much damage. I try to keep 5 brands always up for bosses, should I spam brand recall to explode them? If I just keep spamming new brands will the older ones explode?

Not sure what we're supposed to do on longer boss fights.
Heyo! Any tips for SSF?

I have Maven down so I have a lot of currency to burn but I don't have Call of the Brotherhoods or a helmet craft.

I'm looking for a very smooth Ultimatum farmer for t16s and this build looks super interesting!

I'll probably begin leveling it this weekend.


Great write up!
Quick question to this community and OP: would this work as a Raider? I'd like to try penance brand raider as my next league starter, any red flags? (playing SSF)

Raider brings large amounts of increased cast speed through enhanced onslaught, and then other added benefits like exposure, ailment immunity, phasing (if it doesn't get nerfed obviously).

Also, second question: can archmage work well here as an alternative build (would probably mean going elemental overload, MOM, agnostic, etc...)?
Do you have updates for 3.15 or a pob I can follow?
I would like to play this!
Otherwise I would play this build I found:

please let me know
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Any plans to update this for 3.16? Some of the new brand nodes look nice and potentially a buff to the skill.
With the changes to ignite penance brand seems like it will be really strong. What do you guys think?

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