Before we launch Echoes of the Atlas tomorrow

Really don't know what to league start with yet, but the ritual mechanic and changes to the Atlas is looking good.
Last edited by AlienCrimeLord on Jan 14, 2021, 6:35:03 PM
Thank you Chris for this great game and see you tomorrow!
You guys do a Fantastic Job.
Kia ora! and chur! :D
ty chris sempai!
Man i really want to play this league. Ty o/
Thanks Chris!!! This post made me smile. Can't wait for the league start!
Lots of love! Super hype for the new league & content!
Thanks for your amazing work, the game really is a product of passion.

20 more hours, yay \o/
I hope Chris you will indeed have some spare time tomorrow to sit back and relax =) Wish you a smooth launch and absence of DDoSers and other morons... =)

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