Before we launch Echoes of the Atlas tomorrow

I'm loving this league, ritual is everything we've been asking for a long time now, straight up simple and rewarding mechanic, no new overcomplicaded stuff, just plain and simple fight, loot and move on.
We are the ones who are paying your mtxes and giving u money all the time, PLEASE, for don't introduce new leagues if u can't manage it! Just forget about it and work on poe 2... Not only are we getting dc's every 15 mins, but we lose all our portals, all our inventory items that we put in stashes are in the inventory once again, and we lose that map.. It's game breaking if we keep on losing every 3rd map due to disconects.. FFS, u had 4 months to put in a league at least a little bit less lag free.. I started playing in harvest, and i spent arround 100$ until now on this game cause i liked it..

Harvest - Strange black box appearing from no witness notable, and some other, maybe don't play with no witness? Sure.. Blood and sand, flash and stone, etc. list goes on.. U go with party for sulphate, and there is one aura stacker who makes your screen become completly black..

Heist - Memory leak, dcs, crashes, buggy behaviour of rouges etc. pretty much the best of this 3 performance vice.

Ritual - SO FAR - Game crashes 4 times i think, disconnects more than 30 times no kidding.. And all that is barable, but lossing all the loot in the map, lossing map progression, and lossing the map itself? Ffs... Imagine someone droping a mirror, and his game goes: "hell no! U have been disconnected, and by the way, what mirror?" Ffs... Cybertruk is more playeble than this league in this moment (for me atleast), and worst of all... Where is the hotfix? There are more than 1k people in quee every time i dc, so i guess those are mass dc's...
Fix your game, and then i'll support you once again...

My wish from the santa this year was: "Please Santa, give me a good update, good league, where there won't be problems, where there won't be memory leaks and dc's...
MY question to you is, is this game the victim of spaghetti code? If so, abandon it, play some flashbacks etc, give people that delirium that they like, something like that, and then start working on proper game that should poe 2 be...
I was very excited for this league and was stoked to hear that the dev team put more time into ironing out bugs and glitches. However, this league has been crashing and rolling back constantly, I found Heist league to actually be less buggy, and a better launch then this one.
<3. still downloading, would love a pre-download for steam client next time, if possible =)
Jesus if this is one month polishing how look two months?
Pls come back in mid feb with "more" polished product.

Disconnect...wait to login in que...loged in... chose char then client close (no error, nothing, not seen already?) and u can repeat it because "repeating is mother of knowledge" or in other way "doing same thing and expect dif result is insanity" ... GG

Traditional release broken untested stuff in Friday and come back in Monday... only if shop broke fix it during weekend.
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GGG I believe in you!

I know there is a bumpy road ahead (killing bugs) but keep doing a good job as you have done so far. Every League has issues.

I've been playing since 2013 and have no doubt this is just temporal, in fact I think this is only a sign of the huge success this league will be.

Much love Chris and GGG team, great expansion and league. Super excited about playing this one. Have total faith in your team for this to be a successful next step for this game that I keep coming back to time and time again! <3
cher bro

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