Content Update 3.13.0 -- Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas

Hmm most 'bad' skills untouched.
Big up to Jeff and the console team.
40 reworked skill gems to shake up the meta. Where? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA
Yeah nobody is going to play those underused skills even with those "buffs", also the nerf to divergend/anomalous aura gems are completly dumb. 1%pen at full quality gem is a joke.

GGG grabs the shotgun out of the closet, puts on a blindfold and starts spraying nerfs on whatever they hit
ED is not dead LOL
Added 13 new Unique Items.
Added 15 new Divination Cards, designed by supporters.
Added 11 new Maps.

When will we get to see these? :)
Is the alt quality version of gem comparable to the original one? Useless.
ryuukk33 wrote:
very disapointed, the only thing this patch note will make is force everyone into meta builds yet again

buffing underused skills? what a joke

every balance notes makes me want to play the game less and less

very disappointed and concerned about your ability to balance underused skills

change your balance team before it is too late

Nobody holds a gun to your head lol, you can leave anytime you want.

ZanzuZ wrote:
PoE is dying now =\
Adding POG content.
Nerfing all nice to play builds.
DotA has same way of development and now its garbage custom map.

Yep dying, for sure, must be. Especially since each new major league they are breaking their own records of users online. XD

Vaildez wrote:
So they spent the extra month working on making the game no longer fun? Cool Cool...

Ahh the irony and here I thought it's one of the best updates this game has seen in years. I guess we live in different realities then, lul.

IonDrako wrote:
The buffs were extremely underwhelming to be honest.

Also wish you'd revert the whole basic attack animation thing you did back in legion which makes most strike skills that use that animation super unfun since the first hit is super slowed just so the second one is faster??? If I have 1 aps then I want to hit once every second, not have an average hit of 1 per second due to the first and second hit having different speeds.

[Removed by Support]

ArkthuriuS wrote:
Are you telling me the CLuster Jewels i invested a fuckton are going to the trashcan? It should only apply to old ones though. Wouldnt hurt STD players.

Nobody cares about Standard bro, it's a dumpster league.

Ygidua wrote:
I cant find any summoner specific buffs to mitigate the ascendancy and skill gem nerfs.

Bex said there would be, so please point me to them.

Overall, the timing couldnt be worse for nerfs, in an pandemic you just dont do this in my books, its terrible PR for your company, its much smarter to give people something instead of taking it from them.

Chris if you see this post, send me a PM, I just want to understand your reasoning behind this.

Those that play, have fun and stay safe!

I don't know if you're blind or having serious problems reading but they already posted their explanation for the decisions they made.

For me and many people the vast majority of changes were totally deserved and warranted, dunno why it's so hard to understand for the rest of you, lol.

teodar1987 wrote:
Nerfs and trolling all around

1. Bosses immune to damage from long distance - introduce new farshot mechanics. Bet you smiled when you made that decision.

2. People complain about the shitstorm that is Sirus and beg you to flush him now the drain, you now shove him down peoples throats in maps.

3. Heist, already nerfed during league, now made obsolete with low spawn chance aka limited markers aka cant run blueprints. Vinderi, already having a stupidly nasty penalty to threat, now made pointless.

4. The gems stupidly optimistic people hoped would compensate for ascendancy slaughter, nerfed by FIVE f*****g times - i'm talkin about alternate auras.

I'm trying here, genuinely struggling with my anger for the nth time, to see the purpose behind the changes. I'm coming short. Today I tried simulacrum wave 20 with a bleed glad with several hundred ex invested in and got butchered in seconds. A character now further nerfed. Is the idea that we should be happy with mid content and just drool over streamers, to keep us always chasing the endgame carrot? What a business model!

You are struggling to hold your anger over changes made in a FREE TO PLAY game?? I suggest visiting a specialist then, you might need it.

On a side note, super god damn hyped for the new league!

I don't know how you guys do it but I've been actively trying to quit for a while now (yeah right) but you guys always manage to bring me back.

What sorcery is this?!
Øvè®þðwé® Øvê®®ûn Øvè®çðmé
Last edited by Kane_GGG on Jan 13, 2021, 4:10:15 AM
This patch was really a joke wtf ggg are doing? ok to nerf everything, but they are lying on our face wtf

"we are making significant buffs to 40 gems", the true is MAYBE 5 interesting buffs, a lot of lazy balance on alternative quality gems (that was really wtf 1% inc dmg Pog KEKW)

wtf was this ggg? you did the opposite of your announcement.
I hope your minion/golem "buffs" are worth people playing with carpal tunnels hurting(even after operations)... THANK YOU GGG for the great work.
Heavy Strike still has knockback lol
"There's no thing like random one-shots in this game. You only die because you take 353,456,237 hits in 0.2 seconds."

"The best items in the game should not be crafted, they should be TRADED." - Cent, GGG

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