Content Update 3.13.0 -- Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas

Good read so far, harvest sounds better than I thought it would. :)
I am afraid of Sirus casually invading my maps though...

... okay...
Trinity Support is now offered to the Witch, Duelist and Ranger for completing Sharp and Cruel, and can be purchased from Yeena by the Templar, Duelist and Scion.

Is this right, you have listed Duelist twice. Should the second listing of Duelist been "Shadow" ???

Will Efficacy be a quest reward now at level 8? Like added lightning damage support?
Ygidua wrote:
I cant find any summoner specific buffs to mitigate the ascendancy and skill gem nerfs.

Bex said there would be, so please point me to them.

Overall, the timing couldnt be worse for nerfs, in an pandemic you just dont do this in my books, its terrible PR for your company, its much smarter to give people something instead of taking it from them.

Chris if you see this post, send me a PM, I just want to understand your reasoning behind this.

Those that play, have fun and stay safe!

U wot?
Slick stuff.

Also appreciate that historical accuracy with the Samite/Sanmite xD I didn't know, but TIL.
nothing to Caustic arrow as always GGG the weakest sinble target skills is left below, too much for game balance
Nerfs and trolling all around

1. Bosses immune to damage from long distance - introduce new farshot mechanics. Bet you smiled when you made that decision.

2. People complain about the shitstorm that is Sirus and beg you to flush him down the drain, you now shove him down peoples throats in maps.

3. Heist, already nerfed during league, now made obsolete with low spawn chance aka limited markers aka cant run blueprints. Vinderi, already having a stupidly nasty penalty to threat, now made pointless.

4. The gems stupidly optimistic people hoped would compensate for ascendancy slaughter, nerfed by FIVE f*****g times - i'm talkin about alternate auras.

I'm trying here, genuinely struggling with my anger for the nth time, to see the purpose behind the changes. I'm coming short. Today I tried simulacrum wave 20 with a bleed glad with several hundred ex invested in and got butchered in seconds. A character now further nerfed. Is the idea that we should be happy with mid content and just drool over streamers, to keep us always chasing the endgame carrot? What a business model!

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well thanks for the fun. leaving the game as soon as we patch.
I love what has been changed this cycle. I love the nerfs, it has forced me to choose from 7 or 8 different starters instead of one or two, awesome.

Saying that you have changed/improved more than 40 skills and half of them being some nerf to anomalous gems is disingenuous and lazy.

That said - love love the league and all the work. The communication this cycle has been really wonky around class and skill changes.
i saw dream, wilson didnt nerf harvest. he gave me remove life add life 0.05 chance to hit desired mod

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