Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas - Zizaran's Maven Kill Event

Let see now when everything is nerfed what will kill 10 bosses + Maven on SSFHC :) :)
Nothing for consoles? Some love for us GGG console players ...

There are like 5 HCSSF Console players who can kill Sirus 8.
frostzor27 wrote:
To hell with event, we want gem information and patch notes.

dont care about the prize, with those new nerfs ,a newbie like me wont be able to reach the red map .....
still w8ting for the patch note!!!!!!!!!!!!
DotasinPoe wrote:
Let see now when everything is nerfed what will kill 10 bosses + Maven on SSFHC :) :)

There are a ton of buffs, too.
And we've yet to see how they've gutted most skills and buffed like... two...
Jan 12 - Patch Notes, Item Filter and Passive Tree information.

How about you team up with Ziz for earlier patch notes? Lets hold a dev competition - the patch notes proposal with the least horrible nerfs gets a community award. Let everybody donate a bit to build a pool to appease the evil dragon... :P
bauermayers wrote:
who cares? Patch notes, please...

lkenpachi wrote:
oh no nothing for us sc trade players? you could have atlest given a free box for reaching lvl 80 within the month, guys

Snap I only have 45 days to play this league, can't spend a week attempting to kill the Maven when I want to get to 36 challenges within that time, I believe that ho is better than a chance to get a mystery box
I'm guessing no one will win since according to posts on the last announcement 'every ascendancy and build has been nerfed into unplayability'.

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