Game Balance in Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas

Lets be honest guys, all these guys cryng because of the minion nerfs are wrong.
Minion build are in no way gone, dominating blow is still top tier, as will be specters and golems even after this. The fact that you won't be instantly steam rolling red maps after 6 hours with your league starter minon build doesn't mean it's "dead" you f-ing cry babies.
As someone who league started as carrion golem in heist i got what is to this day my strongest character just in the first week.
I had played a minion build just once before this(pre reworked zoombies) and let me tell you guys, carrion golems where completely broken in comparassion.
Well deserved nerfs for aura stackers and well deserved nerfs for the most OP minion builds.

As a side note, if you guys truly don't like these kinds of nerfs then please try not to be sheeple and copy the "mainstream" poe streamers every single league. Any build that gets 20%+ of the player base to play it because it's broken WILL be getting nerfed sometime in the future.
Kraisty wrote:
nvhphuong2903 wrote:
in term of aura stacker is getting nerfed, i just wanna ask a cluster jew has already vaal or mirror crafted will be untouched or also get lower from 6% to 3%

get lowered too.

None shall escape the nerf hammer.

Also, pog, go go frost bomb meta.
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I wish someone at GGG actually played the game, you know like into red maps every league...
fleshreaverpl wrote:
Each league, the changes you put to "improve" the gameplay, make it less and less fun, you are not even trying to hide the fact that you want to steer gamers into a narrow selection of "archetypes" that you want to promote in a league. Poe is essentially a single-player game, with online elements, yet u forcefully try to force new meta and scrap old meta each league. I'm done with poe, it was a great game, but somewhere along the way, you forgot that players should have freedom, and if there are broken builds, let em be, instead of scrapping em AND at the same time, introducing new, even more broken builds, just to keep that treadmill going.

Thank you! I agree, I don’t like being directed on what builds I should or shouldn’t play. I thoroughly enjoy playing anything assassin related. Even when I use to play skyrim I always made assassin like builds, but I have a feeling it’s going to get nerfed pretty hard. The build I played in Harvest lost a lot of damage(I don’t actually play standard but crunched numbers). Sorry for the rant, it was a long day.
fleshreaverpl wrote:
I'm done with poe,

-> Sees the amount of support packs you own
No budy, you are definitively not.
Srry to say this but ill vote whit my wallet
U Send My favorite Build to the drain (triple summoner nerf).

I wont buy supporter packs till they revert this.
░▐█▀▄▀▄▄▄▄▀▀▀▀▌░░░░░▐█▄░░ We Miss U Le Toucan
here i am looking for minions buff but it got a debuff instead.
It seems the more players like something, the more developers removes what they liked. Odd.
In December I kept playing Heist because I had so much fun with my Aura Stacker. I played for 3.5 months this league. With all these nerfs/funerals I’m considering playing Cyberpunk instead of 3.13. :)

And put my money in another company instead of GGG.

But let’s wait for the patch notes I might change my mind after...

Probably not though.
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RIP Spectres.

Instead of fixing OP Spectres, just nuke the gem, because you never played Spectres, and have no idea how difficult it is to resummon them mid boss fight.

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