Ritual Challenge Rewards

Well, this will be the first time I will go true Challenge Hunting it seems, that hide-out looks great!
hidout omg yeeey finaly
looks pretty nice that hideout
Baking_Bread wrote:
SenchuTen wrote:
Yaaay. More stuff gated behind a lot of Rng!

RNG? Where in the everloving fuck is getting challenges done RNG gated?

I forgot. You can always pay for them woth a couple of exalts.
I actually like these. Trying something else besides the usual trio i see + they look good too. The order in which you get them is suitable too.
Quit after Legion, rejoined PoE to see what the game's like now in 3.12.
lordpikon wrote:
Nice! edit: Can we get this music in music box in HO? It is rly good HO music.

Im pretty sure you will get it since we get music from all of the other expansions in the music box on launch
"First blood weapon effect" anyone ? we have already that
ok, thanks for listening me on dash but with adding support gem on it, whyle unable to use it bcs of ? it pulls me back ? people say desync . i should shoot to desync. most favorable skill and you add support gem on it and it doesnt even work normaly for 3 leagues.
Great rewards I am in!
Menysk wrote:
The new league looks potentially amazing.
The rewards, not so much.

But then again, its going to be hard to top a cat with a monocle and a bow tie that looks like it's made of carpet.

A step in the right direction. THX GGG

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