3.13.0 Livestream Announcements

Will Ritual league run for 3 months, or only 2 months to get back to the original league release schedule?
1.Will Master's missions accumulated so far remain?
2.Will atlas watchstones, map bonuses gathered so far remain?
Thank you.
Looks interesting, but feel the content-RNG-gate will hold back the fun.
Aaaaand twitch did mid livestream..
This is just "add more of the same" to a very, VERY old game. And it is adding NOT more fun. It just adding more "work" to streamers. Who still play this game, or have to play. Because they can't do anything else in their life.

My suggestion is. Make this game finally standalone offline game for 60$. And make completely new one, with new sound, graphics, ray tracing.
Twitch died and I almost had my wings, would've gotten them too if it weren't for those damn kids!
GG no wings cause I clicked the posted link here, and watched for 2 hours, instead of going to path of exile via twitch itself. tight.
I have a few question.

What happens i save a item then in the next map my game crash or something that somehow time out the instance will i lose the saved item?

for how many instances does it save the items for or is it until claimed?

How many can you save for later?

can i save more than 1 item in 1 map?

Taking a example lets say i get a HH or Mirror they cost 1 mil points but the max i can get in a map is 1000 its not 20% of the points so i cant get it, it will make not getting it feel bad even worse than normally since there is a save function but you cant use it since the map doesn't even have enough points to save it for later. Is this problem somehow addressed?

in harvest i know the crafts can now be done in the Hideout but will we have the save inventory craft function we had in harvest since you cant save everything but might have a item or 2 in the stash that can use it?

Heist.Can we please not get rogue gear again it was fun gearing them but doesn't sound fun gearing them every league and leveling them every time. I feel the thing that broke heist the most was their gear.

Will Eldreon now drop replica uniques in the syndicate like his drop description tell us?
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can we get correct pics for those classes?

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