3.13.0 Livestream Announcements

They added Heist and left in the doors so I guess I will never run a heist now.

Thanks GGG
Is the Xbox release date a week after the PC release like normal, or is it simultaneous because of the extra prep time from the postponement?
I'm very excited, great job as always GGG!
Holy shit, this is huge... It looks so great and exciting. Great job!
"The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried." - Stephen McCranie
im not having a twitch account and im not using twitch, im intrested in seeing american girls with my own eyes
Can somebody please clarify what will happen to the current xp/levels on our rogues once heist merges with standard ?

Do we have to start them again from level 1 ?
Harvest on league. I'll avoid. So stupid words can't explain. Sorry these new seasons have not been adding anything of fun. What a waste of time. Feels like a gimmick to get people to start over.
So I have to say for a lot of what I see I like.. a lot!

The player agency in the Atlas updates looks fantastic. Plenty of both choice and determinism in how you approach the endgame is a great thing to have.

I love the Harvest changes as well. The fact you have gotten rid of all the redundancies means that you devs have a better idea of what player agency is.

I strongly dislike that the Heist door mechanics have remained in the game. This lacks player agency, is highly redundant and worse defect prone. Heist still has a lot of work needed to make it perfect for Path of Exile. Namely map size, routes and NPCs all feel highly repetitive and redundant. I like to think you can keep Heist in the game but it still needs more work.

Way more positive vibes than negative though. I like what I'm seeing from you guys here. Good job!
Crazy! Just cant wait for this all changes to come :D
mooclown wrote:
They added Heist and left in the doors so I guess I will never run a heist now.

Thanks GGG

i think its much more wrong with heist thats why i was calling to dump it back where it came from.

just playing this little minigames with this newage diverse looking npc environment creeps me out.

like old d2 have such an aura of awe, everything visual and most audio need completly be redone, aswell the boring bad looking heist layouts, not to mention the shitty blueprint planning and door opening.

there is no competition for this game, the only reason stil someone plays it, when i check reddit site of pd2 have like 30% the amount of ppl online than pathofexile..... that speaks for itself

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