3.13.0 Livestream Announcements

ibims111 wrote:
dromash wrote:
I could be wrong but I rly don't see changes to hiero as a totems nerf. U can still summon 2 totems at once with multiple totems support (which is a must as it increases number of maxium totems as well). Also, 5% more damage per totem (up from 3%) is a 14% more damage against bosses. Who knows, maybe we will get some changes to soul mantle.

You really don't understand how spell totems work if you think the changes are a buff. The stacking bonus has gone so clearing will be worse. Multiple totem support is ass, it adds less damage than crit strike support, and has a huge mana multiplier. Wallach talks at length about this in his video, and he knows more about totems than the developers.

what if the gems were changed as well? what if +1 totem is on tree? what if there are other new gems that would break totems if they would have not changed it?

there are so many ifs, still you sit there cryting over something not even close to be finally revealed. awesome

EDIT: Christ did not mention multystrike gem - melee is dead!

Again, I am hardly "cryting" as you put it, don't be such an @$$.
Sooooo Excited!
loks all ok ,but please no harvest league again........
GUILD ZA BALKANSKE IGRAČE : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1227661

"Discord"Voice ( dođite na mikrofon - Link za automatski invite ) : https://discord.gg/Q54KWUH
So on top of the whole Conqueror watchstones mess of an Atlas, now we got even more watchstones to "mess" with.

I said if they just removed Conquerors entirely I'd be happy. Instead we got more of it. And the new endgame bosses?? Just adding more of the same, such a lazy and unimaginative design. I understand a lot of design focus is on POE 2 now, but I thought GGG could do better.

Oh well I'm not endorsing this messy bloatware of a game any more.

Guess I'll comeback when POE 2 hits..if it's actually an original content instead of this rouge ship of a clusterf*ck we have now.
Where are the build and atlas guides from Chris??
LiveStream Question
Sorry, is there a better place for this?

When does the Ritual defer option end? Within the map? If I defer an item in map A, does it show up in map B? Or does defering only run within a single map?
looking good!
3.13 question

Can I still access my stash when I am in the garden?
In the Trailer there was an atlas with A8 Level and conquerors spawned with just 3 maps...
Did you cheat or is that a change?
Would be great!

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