We're excited to bring you the announcements from our exclusive 3.13.0 livestream! In this news post we've put together links to everything that is being announced live. We'll update this news post for your reference as the livestream progresses.

Check out the press coverage below:

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QUESTION: Will accumulated master missions remain? (I really hope so)

Heist was a bugfest and I personally didn't enjoy it at all and t's going core instantly? Crazy stuff.

Also love the return of harvest and the deterministic crafting.
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Omg omg OMG!
TY so much GGG!
I started Path of Exile with Inquisitor and it stayed my favourite (although not most successful ascendancy) throughout the leagues. I'm glad you now provided him with the necessary tools to create a spell-enhanced attack build, giving this ascendancy the identity (I feel) it lacked before. Stocked to try it out in the upcoming league!

Edit: never mind
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Its looks great but if the deterministic craft is not good with the harvest mecanic I think i will be done with this game
Hope its good because 10000 ex for crafting good stuff is lame.
I am bloody excited for this, congratulations on making something that blows every other prior release out of the water, Can't wait to bite into this content!
There's just one thing I didn't understand - is the Maven going to replace Sirus and the other Conquerors, or be there in addition to them?

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