The Heist Flashback Event Highlights

Always the same faces.
why is this event 2,5 weeks instead of 3 tho?
pampero128 wrote:
Always the same faces.

They are the only streamers left covering Poe right now. Most of the rest are streaming World of Warcraft from what I've seen on Twitch.
I take a break by uninstalling.
Game became boring af.
See you maybe in poe 2
genshin killed poe nicely
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These are all muted for me even though it says they aren't and my volume mixer says they aren't. Anyone know what could be the problem?
Please don't let heist go core, its sh1t and we already suffer from bloat.
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CONTO wrote:
Delve and mayhem should be extended, not this last shit ...
There is data now about how much players for each event and to help decide what to do in the future.
i almost pissed my self on the third video :)))) :D omg that end
Inscaped wrote:
why is this event 2,5 weeks instead of 3 tho?
so they can launch on a friday i think.
i thought it was supposed to be a three week event
i took a 1 week break from poe after the first 2 events and was excited about a longer event and now its barely longer than the other events for me :(

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